Wow I'm pissed

  1. So I ordered 40232, The Legacy Stripe Framed Wristler and have been going NUTS waiting for it. I've had one before and I LOVE them. I get the item in today, new from JAX, it's friggin terrible. It's misshappen and the legacy fabric is all weird in a few spots.. Its just got a weird shape and looks just sloppily make. I'm so annoyed because now I have to return the damn thing for a new one and I shouldn't have to. This wristlet looks like it's been beat up!
  2. I would call coach immediately.
  3. On the phone with them now... Grrrr...
  4. I know this sucks when it happens but just think how happy you will be when the new one arrives
  5. What did they say???? I hope you laced it into them!!!!
  6. Sorry to hear that...
  7. Is this the Beauty Case one?? Because mine is supposed to be delivered today... I've been waiting forever to get one & I'll be really upset if it looks like crap:wtf:
  8. No the Wristlet. I got the Framed beauty case and the Legacy lining had a few spots that were "off" but I'll manage. The Wristlet was just ICK. The woman on the phone was very nice. She said I can return it at a store and have them call the 1800 number and they'll ship another priority overnight but I can't get to a store today so I'm priority overnighting it myself so they can reship hopefully tomarrow. I'd really like to have it by Friday. =P I just could not believe the shape the item was in! O_O
  9. I'm sorry that you got such a messed up piece, but I'm hopeful that you'll have a great replacement soon!
  10. Well that sucks...
  11. Wow, I am really sorry to hear that, its awful. I hate ordering things by mail, if its going to take five days to receive it for five days I go nuts, and then to only be dissapointed t>>> WOW :crybaby: Hopefully the next one is perfect..
  12. aw im sorry :sad: definately call JAX right away!!
  13. :tdown: seems l've been hearing alot about Coach quality issues lately.
    Sorry to hear about your dissapointment, I hope you enjoy the new one.
  14. Hopefully your replacement is perfect!

    Sorry to hear about that.
  15. Wow, I can't believe that they shipped out something like that. Hope everything works out for you!