WOW...I'm insane...I turned down an LV

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  1. Traci I must be losing my mind! Hubby & I are driving to Canada to visit my parents and we drive through Minneapolis. So hubby says today "Let's leave on the Thursday night and on Friday we'll go to mall of America" I said'll be too 'bout the outlet mall? Then he says "Is there a Louis Vuitton in the city? We can stop there quickly and buy you a new LV"
    I actually said....."NO hunny....I'm holding out for the spring line"

    :nuts: I've lost it! But I guess I feel like I already bought 2 this month and I need a break for by the time the spring patchwork speedy is released I'll really be jonesing.

    Anyone else had this happen?
  2. That's ok..then you won't feel so bad buying something from the Spring Line!!! :smile: have fun on your trip!!! Hope you'll get nice weather!
  3. Ha, Twigs!! Glad I'm not the only insane one here!!!

    Um, no, can't say I've ever turned down an LV. But I would LOVE to go to the Mall of America!!! It's definintely one of the trips on my list!!!
  4. Wow~! If I had my boyfriend/parents/whoever ask me that, I'd say "SURE! Let's go! :yahoo:"
  5. Hasn't happened to me...then again, I don't think I've experienced the same situation. :shame: Congrats on your willpower!
  6. Thanks Jill! I hope the weather in Winterpeg warms up for us!

    LOL Traci....I must be insane.....I have this whole wishlist....gah what did I do? As soon as I said no he said "Are you's my last offer" ah well.....maybe the denim line will hurry up and be released!
  7. LOL Karman & Bernz.....he does this every now and then...which is weird because last night we had just talked about how I need to slow down and appreciate what I've got...and then he hits me with this!
    :noggin: <<<That's what must of happened to my brain today with all my finals! School has fried my logical/rational brain!
  8. Ooo, wait a minute, Twigs, maybe HE wants something too??? Maybe that's why the offer?
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: I can't figure it out either Traci.....maybe he's lost his mind? I mean the guy NEVER EVER offers to go anywhere near a shopping mall...much less Mall of America.
    I'll have to do some prying ...see if he does want something.....he claims he's offering so that I have to drive less and it'll break up the drive and because he loves me and knows I love to shop and buy LV.
    Maybe he got ahold of some wacky tobacky or something LOL
  10. twiggers - lol.. it might seem insane.. but I think this is great to take it slow so that you enjoy everything that you have and then don't end up "ODing" (I know.. is there even such a think like LV OD? :P) I find that if every purchase you make is something you think about for awhile then there's no "impulse buying" or "getting caught up in the hype" buying so that whatever you end up with is something you truly love and not something that seemed good for a moment which you later regret.. or something that everyoen else wants, but may not be right for you.

    I hope your trip to Winnipeg is fun! haha.. winterpeg made me laugh! Hope it's not SO cold and SO snowly that it lives up to the winterpeg name..
  11. I SO agree with you! I just had the hardest final exam EVER, that I'm sure more than 75% of people didn't finish.

    I have ANOTHER exam coming up in three hours!! AGGHHH!!!
  12. Thanks jadacee! I really want to stick with this latest bags until denim patchwork speedy releases (well unless it's like a June release...I can't hold out THAT long LOL)

    My Mom said the weather was supposed to be warming up there...I sure hope so...we're bringing my dog and the poor guy has little amount of fur!

  13. I just spent all day working on a 42 page paper for a final....I am fried. Thankfully that was the last one! Now I've got to start writing my masters:sad:

    Good luck on the final Karman!
  14. omg i had the same thing happen when my mom offered to buy me a chanel. i couldn't decide and just said no. later that night i said "wait. i turned down a chanel??" lol.

    sometimes you want to just have time to enjoy what you have. i like to wear one bag at a time and like right now i have 2- how can i balance that? it's too much! lol

  15. Well send some of that stuff my hubby's way!!!! Please, huuuurrrrrryyyyy!!!