Wow.. I won this..

  1. I just won this keychain on eBay its kind of cute and I put a bid in for $9.00 + $5.50 s&h and I won it for that much no-one else bid on it.. what do you guys think about it??

    New Coach Pink Tag Keychain key ring 021
    with Coach logo gift box

  2. OMG...That is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! :heart: I love it!!!!:tup: And the price is TDF!!!
  3. someone PMed me and told me it was a fake .. oh well even if it is a fake its still cute..
  4. I had thought so too, BUT I didn't want to say anything because I am not a pro on keyfobs.
  5. i was waiting for someone to say something.
    i thought it looked fake;
    but i didn't want to seem like an as* and then everyones like "no, it is real!"
    sorry you got a fake. :flowers:

    you don't have to pay for it. just contact the seller and say you know its fake, and refuse to pay.
    contact eBay if she gets bitc*y.
  6. I will try to get out of it.. but once again its only $15 I can use the keyring on my RHINO,, heres my rhino its even pink lol

  7. Sorry that it's fake :sad:
  8. OMG you LOVE pink lol that is too cute!!!! too bad the charm is fake, it's really cute too :sad:

  9. :wtf: what is that, exactly?
    some sort of atv?

    i can tell you like pink. :p
  10. Ummm.... not to be a b*tch but I would reconsider taking it even if it's fake. It's illegal to sell fakes, even something small like a keyfob. Purchasing fakes only perpetuates the problem. I mean, maybe it's just me but I'm pretty brand loyal, ie. I love my Coach, and this fake bs pisses me off. I'm not judging you at all, so don't misunderstand. Just my .02. I'd get my money back and find a real Coach keyfob at an outlet. Turn them into eBay because selling fakes is big time illegal. Again, just something to think about. :flowers:

  11. ITA
  12. Well I sent her a e-mail we will see what she says.. I will open a dispute with paypal if she doesnt cooperate with me
  13. and yea its pretty much like a big QUAD i can sit 4 people in it.. It has seatbetls has four wheel drive on it..its really fun to drive
  14. She should cooperate. I bought a fake carly by accident and luckily realized it before they shipped the bag. I had to be firm with them but they refunded my money. The seller insisted the bag was real. I can't believe how deceitful these people are. It's one thing to knowingly buy a fake (which I don't condone but at least one is informed then) but it's quite another for a seller to represent something as real when they know it's fake. Anyway, sorry for the rant. I guess it's PMS! I'm sure you'll get your money back and then you can get an even better keyfob for your rhino! It's cute btw! And looks fun!

  15. thanks for all your help on this I was always nervous on buying coach stuff on ebay.. i still want my brown carly .