Wow... I was completely fooled by a fake

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  1. I have been watching a Mom here at my work for college orientation and she had a Batignolles Horizontal bag. After I checked it out from almost every angle I could without being too obvious, I finally commented to her how beautiful it was. She later stopped by my office and we started talking about LV and I showed her my Pop Haut and all my accessories I'm so proud of and told her about the Baggy GM I ordered...

    She then told me her BH was a fake! She also told me where she bought it and how much she paid.

    I am blown away -- she let me look at her bag and I SWEAR I cannot tell it from a real one. I even thought maybe she was just claiming it to be fake when it was really authentic, but why would someone do that -- they wouldn't. Not in this situation and especially when she practically hands it over.

    It has a beautiful patina started, too.

    Have fakes really gotten this good??? :cry: The conversation that started out as so much fun has now left a sour feeling in me.
  2. That is too bad! It is such a shame that the fakes are so similar (some of them anyway). Fakes are so yucky!
  3. hmm, I heard that there are veryyy good fakes which could only be outed by real experts or lv sas.......but dont feel bad!
    you had the joy of ordering it and knowing its real for sure-she does not have that feeling.also the bag might look authentic now, but in long term the stitches etc will literally fall apart......also the canvas will fade to a wierd looking greenish color..........believe me the fakes are not done under the same quality!

    so dont be depressed by some fool people, who really believe the quality is the same!

  4. Oh, and I didn't mean that it is too bad you were fooled :roflmfao: , I meant that it is too bad that she has a fake!
  5. I feel -- I don't know -- FOOLED! :rant: At least I got in my two cents worth about buying fakes. (Hope her son still comes to college here! LOL!)
  6. I knew what you meant! It is too bad for her. I see very few LV's around here and all of them are usually very bad fakes. Bragging about her fake ticked me off, too.

    Oh well... at least I have this forum to tell this to! :yes: My coworkers would think SHE was the smart one and I am the nut who "paid how much???" for a purse.
  7. Next time please take pics. I want to test myself to see if I can tell =) Nothing has totally fooled me yet but I've had my iffys.
  8. Well, I'm definitely not an expert, so maybe to someone who really KNOWS the bag, they would've found inconsistencies... the one little teeny tiny thing that maybe could've been wrong was that the "N" in VUITTON was a tad bit 'heavier' than the rest of the word.

    I wonder what she would've said if I had pulled out my camera! LOL! Wish I'd thought of that...
  9. I've heard the same thing. A few people at my workplace just look at me like I've lost my mind when they ask me how much a bag is and I answer. Then there are other ones who giggle and laugh about their fake bag and ask me why on earth would I pay $$$ when I could get the same thing for $. I guess they really don't know its NOT the same thing.
  10. My sister thought that I was nuts when she found out how much my Papillon was, I couldn't bare to tell her that the Popincourt Haut was more, LOL. My other sister said that she could totally understand, she is not into purses but she is into outdoor clothes, and the high end stuff costs a lot!
  11. You know what? I don't care how good a bag looks, if it's fake, it's fake. I know some of them look really good now and are made with some kind of leather. But people who buy fakes, want to carry a fake of a handbag they like but would never spend their money on. So, in essence, they just want to look like their carrying a fine quality item.....but their just a big, fat, faker!!!!!!
  12. Fakes make me ill.

    If you can't afford it then don't buy it.

    I would honestly be mortified to be seen with a fake LV!!
  13. Fri night I was out with my lawyer friend that buys fake LV :yucky: on the streets of NYC. She told me she spent a couple hundred on a ton of bags and luggage. She knows I bought a real Speedy and asked if I would be able to tell the difference between mine and a fake. I said probably. She then showed me her replica of a Mono Mino Pochette Kathleen. I have ever taken notice of the Mini line so don't know how close it is, but I have to say it didn't look cheap, it was decent quality. IIRC she paid $25 for it. I am curious to see her fake Mono luggage. She said its held up well and she travels quite a bit.

    Of course I told her I'd rather buy real and asked her that didn't she feel wierd carrying a fake when she's a lawyer? She's a trial lawyer so in court with her bags all the time. She said that she didn't care if the other lawyers could tell that her bag was fake. Personally I would feel uncomfortable, like I was a poser or something.

    I didn't get into the other reasons why fakes are bad cuz I don't think she'd care....
  14. Perfectly stated! That's exactly the way I feel.
  15. Me too....I would have way too much anxiety carrying a fake...even if it was one of those new "superfakes"...I would be sick to my stomach while carrying it!