Wow i the madison cl locaiton is so rude


Feb 22, 2006
I jsut called to ask abt custom orders because my favorite sa st the horatio locaiton is not getting back to me and i'm kinda upset cuz i tell everyone how great that sa is. Anyways, i've never gotten good service from the madison location but i thought i would try my luck again.
SO i call and an sa picks up the phone
the sa says hi and i greet her back and then i asked if they do custom orders on the peanut wedge and she answered that they don't custom orders on anything. THen i said oh but ur other two locations in the states do (i was super sweet). Then it's totally quiet from her side and she's like "well we don't" in the rudest possible way and i'm like okay thank you and she shuts the phone. WTH??? is wrong with the location i don't understand them. WHy do they have to be rude i mean the sa's are just employees there why do they act like they own the joint. If i ever meet mister louboutin himself i am gonna have to complain abt that location.


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Dec 19, 2006
Sorry about your experience Angelie. I have actually gone to that store and received friendly service. Admittedly, no one was bending over backwards to greet me, but once they were free they were chatty and converstational even though I did not inquire about any of the shoes and left empty handed.


Mar 3, 2007
Wow, so suprising. But I've heard of other people complain about that location and they have also told people that they don't do special orders. I wonder why they are so rude there?
I never shop there because I find that location to be very touristy even though it is much more convenient for me to go there since I live just a few blocks away from madison. Just stick with the SAs that you know and like at the Horatio St shop - I know that the ladies there are super friendly.


Feb 22, 2006
i've called beverly hills a few times and they have never been pleasant but i called the other day and an sa picked up i asked for ur friend alisha but she was busy the funny thing is the minute i used a differnet sa's name (alisha) this sa became so sweet. LOL it was so funny. Anyways she said their style books for custom orders were being updated so she didnt know if i could order the peanut wedge.


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Nov 2, 2006
ALWAYS get their names. ALWAYS. They get so many ppl floating in and out and so many ppl calling, they get frazzled. That location has a higher turnover of SAs than does the Horatio store too. When you get on the phone with them, ask them off the bat who you are speaking to. It gets their attention quickly and they KNOW to be gracious to you.

Sorry you had that experience, though it's more common with the uptown store than the friendlier downtown store.


Mar 13, 2007
i wish youd have asked for her name.
i always make sure to ask the name when i get rude service and make a point to complain.
next time i enter that place i ask for her and tell her with a smile just to give her a reminder......
these things are not on!