Wow...I really like this Fendi...

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  1. :love:
  2. Coool.
  3. It comes in other colors too.... I've seen it in white, silver, and gold. I think there's also one in yellow ostrich.
  4. I love that style too. I also like it in the fabric. It's just a great shape. Saks has it in red (been spending a lot of time in saks
  5. This was on bluefly about a week ago! I like the color and style of this too!
  6. I have that bag in the goldish&pink monogram combo - I looove it, but it's huge.
    Beautiful in blue, though.
  7. It comes in diff sizes..I like the medium the best!
  8. I don't really like it but I think it's just cause of the color. Maybe if I see it in another color, I'd like it better.
  9. Great color and details .... but I don't like how wide it gets at the bottom.
  10. Very nice. Wonder what it's called?
  11. It's like a variation of the Devil bag they had a few years ago.
  12. Oooh is it just me, or are those stars on the bag just the cutest things ever ?!
  13. It needs to grow on me.
  14. The devil bag is narrower, but similarly shaped. This is an example from my collection (the only Fendi I currently own, although I've had several baguettes in the past):
  15. :yes: It's VERY NICE!!! LOVE the color and the shape. Also, leather looks not too soft and not too stiff!!!:heart: