Wow.. I really am addicted.

  1. I've always wanted my own louis vuitton bag.
    And not too long ago I got my first one.
    A classic speedy mono 25 (i named her bee) :biggrin:

    Well anyways. My boyfriend was feeling very generous the other day
    And he just got some extra money from some court thing, i dunno.
    I've always wanted a white chanel cambon tote, Its always been one of my little dreams.

    So as we went twords the chanel store in the galleria. I started thinking.
    I dont really want it anymore. After my first LV its like I cant buy anything except LV!

    So my point is basicly.

    I passed up the bag (that used to be) the bag of my dreams
    Because it wasn't LV
    I was just so surprised at myself!
    Dont worry, I got a neverfull PM and a trunks and bags mini pochette:tup:

    So to get to the final point...

    My name is Alysia.
    I am 16 years old.
    And I'm addicted to Louis Vuitton.
  2. you are not addicted you are in LoVe! and congrats on the neverfull and mini pochette can't wait to see pics!!!
  3. I'm having a little problem with a lost USB Cord
    But when it is found I will defently post pics :smile:
    I was going for the look of the ad with scarlette and the never full with the trunks and bags pochette attached
  4. Lol, how cute! Congrats on your new bag & pochette (what a nice bf, too!).
  5. Nice congrats!!
  6. The neverfull and the mini pochette together were'nt near as much as the chanel cambon tote

    But I got what I wanted :biggrin:
    I didnt want to get greedy lol
  7. It's great to know that you came to your sense. ^_~

  8. i love your post!!! LOL congrats on your LV goodies. its a great thing to be "addicted" to :smile:
  9. Congrats!
  10. Aww, you have a very sweet bf.

    Love the Neverfull and T&B Pochette ..... great choices. :tup:

  11. What a wonderful boyfriend you have!

    Congratulations on your new Louis Vuitton purchases!
  12. Wow,at 16 you have a very nice boyfriend.
  13. Congratz.
  14. We're all addicted here! Although I can't believe you passed up the cambon tote, that was my dream bag too when I bought it hehe. But I know what you mean about LV. I'm really starting to get obsessed with it too...welcome to the dark side!
  15. Congrats on your new Neverfull (love that bag) and T&B Pochette. I've noticed I barely look at anything other than LV now. I did buy a Coach charm and a Dooney cosmetic bag not too long ago, but I bought the charm specifically to put on my Neverfull and the Dooney cosmetic bag is holding all my makeup in my Neverfull. I didn't want to buy something too expensive, because it might get makeup marks on it, ya know? Other than that, it's LV all the way for me!