Wow - I just took a HUGE risk on eBay and I am a little worried!

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  1. Oh man, this could be a real stinger. I have been watching this bag on eBay all week. The seller had three of them and there is NO WAY to tell from his photos whether or not they are authentic. He also has a camel one that hasn't ended and that one looks great to me. I figured that it's very unlikely that the Leigh is being faked already, or faked well at least, and the seller, through and email, guaranteed that it is authentic. The hardware looks good, too. I paid via Paypal with a credit card so I am covered all over the place in case it's fake but, if it's not, I just scored BIG TIME.

    Here's the camel one for reference:

    I will keep my fingers crossed!
  2. Oh Mokoni I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!! Boy these look real, but how can he sell them so cheap since they just came out????
  3. Yeah, I know. The same horrible thought is running through my head. It just doesn't make sense. :nogood: Thanks for keeping your fingers crossed for me - I need all the luck I can get with this one!
  4. ^^I bid & lost on one of them by .02

    I'm interested in seeing how they turn out.
  5. That may have been a blessing in disguise. ;)
  6. WOW, that is FANTASTIC! It looks really good, but seems almost too good to be true. I don't know how the seller could take a hit like that and sell them for so far below retail! Please keep us updated. I really hope you got a GREAT deal!
  7. I hope these didn't fall out the back of a FedEx truck!! O_O

    Oh and I think it is strange that they only have one picture of the bag. At least show the tag or something.

    Hope it does work out to be a great deal!
  8. That's what I was secretly hoping...
    I wish you all the luck though!!
  9. ^Thanks for all of the encouragement.

    I agree that the whole thing is very strange. I also wondered if they were somehow stolen or something. How in the world would he get five of these bags and be able to sell them for nearly 50% of the retail price, especially since they just came out! I really need to stop thinking about all of the horrible possibilities... :hrmm:
  10. I also purchased one of these-I'm keeping my fingers crossed too! They definetly look like the real deal-I asked the seller about the shipping & insurance- Haven't heard a response back yet-:nuts:
  11. Yay!!!! I am glad that I am not the only one here who took a chance! We can keep each other posted as things move along. I really think they look authentic but that's probably just me being foolishly optimistic. If they are real, we got awesome deals!!
  12. I wish you guys luck but I would be sceptical as well...
  13. i'm weary because there are hardly any pictures and seller doesn't do too grand of a job describing them...

    best of luck though! the leigh is a killer bag.
  14. Well I feel kind of leary, too. But It looks way too good to be a fake-I'm going to be optomistic too!Did you ask about insurance on the shipping-Is it included?:sweatdrop:
  15. Also I already own this in camel and mine was packaged the same way from JAX with the coach paper in the flap , etc.