Wow! I can't believe this actually happened to me!

  1. SO and I went to the drive thru bank today to cash a $20 check. When we got the plastic tube thingy back, he opened it and there was $300 inside!!!:wtf:

    I couldn't believe it!! I have always fantasized about this happening to me!:roflmfao:

    Buuuuuuuuuuuut I am too $*&#*& honest for my own good and told the teller, who took it back, then buzzed us through the intercom and said "No, I recounted it, all of your money is here"!!

    She didn't believe me that she had given me too much money!! I literally had to argue with her that I should have only gotten $20 back instead of $300!!:p

    So in the end (obviously) she believed me and gave me the correct amount.:p

    Has anything like this happened to anyone else??? Getting waaaay more of something than you actually should?!
  2. PS--I was going to put this in the Money forum, but felt that it wasn't necessarily money...just items in general (like accidentally getting an extra item put in your shopping bag that you didn't pay for, etc...)
  3. lol!! You are great for being honest.

    When I was younger, there was probably 1 or 2 incidents where the cashier gave my mommie too much back and my mom always told them to let them know.

    I think my mom set a good example bc if I never saw this, theres a slight chance I could of grown up to be greedy!

    Not exactly on point, but one time I was going through a TOLL, and the toll was only $1 and I handed them the money then drove off.

    Later that day, I went through my purse n realized my $10 bill was gone.

    ...I gave them $10 and drove off. I bet the toll person was happy.
  4. That's cool :nuts: But, you did the right thing by letting the teller know! Good karma for you ;)
  5. I've gotten more change than I should several times.. and people mock me for letting the cashiers know.

    Like Cristina said, it's good karma for us!
  6. I used to be a teller back in the day, I'm sure she appreciated your honesty! ;)
  7. there have been several times when someone has tried to give me too much change back, but i always tell them. i'd feel bad not telling!

    but when i opened up one of the washers in my building yesterday, there was a $5 bill in it, no laundry, and no one else in the room or other laundry that i could see, so i took it! i figured that there's no way i could return it to its rightful owner.
  8. I am totally into Karma.Something must good must be coming your way.:yes:
  9. I just told my SO this scenario..and he said he'd take it, LOL.

    Personally, I would keep it too.....hehe.
  10. Good for you!

    Not exactly the same thing, but when I was much younger my sister and I went to the movies. Back then this theater had vending machines for soda and candy. We put our change in and it was like a slot machine---change started pouring out! it filled up the tray and spilled onto the floor. No one was around so we went to get an employee and they didn't know what to do and didn't really want to be bothered. Neither of us took any money--we just wanted our sodas!
  11. If it was your own check, then make sure they didn't pull $300 from your checking acct. I've had a teller do that to me, I came home all unknowing (since I didn't count the money but just shoved it in my purse) found out that there was some extra and was very happy. ( Can't you just tell I'm terribly dishonest?)

    I had my greedy thoughts all vanish when I looked up my account online and it showed a withdrawal for the correct amount I had in hand! Course I had to go back to the bank and put the extra money back in my checking account!
  12. That was a great thing to do! :yes: Something like this happened to me too. I was at the ATM and when I was about to put in my card, I noticed the person who used it before me left his/her card in the machine! I went inside though, and gave it to the teller :p
  13. That sucks! All you want to do is keep it for crying out loud, but that damn angel on your shoulder reminds you how oh, you so know better!
  14. You did good, definitely the right thing.

    One time, I got $100 out of an ATM and it gave me $120. On the last bill, it had a sticker on it that said "Congratulations, you are a random pick and we want to say thank you for using our bank and ATM!!"

    I was totally shocked and so, so happy!!
  15. I have never heard of a bank being so nice!!!! Lucky you!!!!