Wow I am shocked that I am going to say this...

  1. SO and I went into LV tonight so I could show him the Dune Mini Lin Speedy and Dentelle wallet I am waitlisted for.

    My SA showed me a new book they got in today...just like the look book, but with better pics.

    As I was showing SO pics, I just din't feel like I HAVE to have anything?!!?!?

    SUCH a weird feeling for me. I figured that

    a) the Dentelle wallet is too fragile to withstand everyday use without starting to show its wear (apparently, the interior of the wallets is WHITE!!)

    and b) the Dune Mini Lin is such a light color that it is going to show dirt/etc very easily.

    So although I have not taken my name off of the waitlists, I am 99% sure I am not going to get anything from the upcoming lines.:sad:

    LOL SO was so impressed with my rational that he took me next door to the Tourneau watch store and ordered me the Michele watch I have been lusting over!!!

    I am kinda disappointed that I am not HAVING to have anything from the new line. I just got into LV this past May and feel like I tried to expand my collection too quickly, and in the process I have not enjoyed each of my LV bags as much as I should:confused1:

    Does anyone else feel like this?!
  2. Lol. Don't feel bad...I think a fair amount of people are disappointed with the upcoming lines. I know I am.
  3. ^LOL I am almost HAPPY!!! Its kinda nice not having more things to add to the want list!! :smile:
  4. Yea, I'm with you!! Maybe I should take my SO there and see if I can get a new watch out of him :graucho:
  5. Well, your wallet is happy at least! I would love the feeling of not having to have everything!
  6. theres more i want from past lines then the future.
  7. Not to worry I felt like that last S/S 06 I can't wait to see the new items plus there is always A/W to look forward too;)
  8. I've been disappointed for a while now. =(
  9. Saw the new look book too. Nothing I just had to have either. Some nice things but alot of over done pieces also, IMO. The new red vernis is pretty though. Did you see the new damier bag with adjustable straps (similar to the bucket straps.) I forgot the name, comes in gm, mm, pm sizes. How about the new Azur sporty bag (I think that was the name?) Those won't be in the stores until May or June. I'll have to take another trip back to the store to get a second look at the book! :yes: We'll just have to wait and see!
  10. Yup I agree with you! This upcoming line, not that impressive.
  11. I am down for those hot shoes, the dentelle BH and cles, the framboise vernis heart and a beige quilted bag. LOL I guess I am liking this season a bit!
  12. ^LOL there are def. things that I LIKE alot but nothing that I see and HAVE HAVE HAVE to get it!!
  13. Yeah, I am not dying for anything either, yet. LOL

    I may get really excited about the quilted bag when I see it IRL. I just think the leather will be so hot! I didn't get anything from the Vienna line and I am regreting that BIG TIME.
  14. I don't like the new line either which it's good, otherwise I will be too far away to complete my wishlist.