WOW ! I am in love.....

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  1. AZUR Boite Flacons !:love: :love: :love: AND it's on elux !:nuts:
    How HOT is this:sweatdrop: ???
  2. Gorgeous!:nuts: It's on elux?:wtf: Amazing!
  3. It's gorgeous..........
  4. pretty..:heart:
  5. Monica, believe it or not it's under "small leather goods" and "Damier Canvas" !!!!!

    It's not even listed under Damier Azur !!:wtf: :wtf:
  6. Are you going to get it?:graucho:
  7. ^^^Not anytime soon:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
    (also tomorrow I am doing my taxes and I ALWAYS owe......I'm depressed....time for bed actually:sad: :sad:
  8. member chloée has that box in Azur Club:yes:

    I personally love the small one:love:
  9. this is a pretty box
  10. Wow it's soooooooo beautiful!!! :love: You should get it!!!
  11. it's been on elux for a few days now and i keep staring at it. :drool:
  12. wow! that is really nice! i will take a look at it on elux...
  13. i LOVE LV Luggage
  14. So cute and special!
  15. very HOT!