Wow! I am hooked....

  1. I have to admit, I have never understood the strong "following" for LV...but now I get it! I ordered and just received two black MC to choose from...The only problem is that I LOVE them both!! I got the Griet and the Ursula. I can only keep one of them. I like the look of the Ursula best, but I like the feel and functionality of the Griet. I carry a lot of stuff (mom of three little ones) and I think that the Griet is a little better for this, but, boy, I love the look of Ursula. I am leaning toward the Griet. I'd love to hear from anyone who has either of these....or anyone who has an opinion! Thanks!!!
  2. Welcome to the fold!!! Seriously, both bags are beautiful and either will work for your needs.
  3. oh man, that's a tough choice! 2 awesome bags, I don't blame you for not being able to choose...but I say the Griet...seems a bit more practical and much more unique since it's limited!
  4. both are gorgeous but IMO i'd go for the griet since it's a limited piece.
  5. Go Griet. It is limited! And welcome aboard!
  6. Isn't it just the best fun? I used to think jewellery was the most fun I'd ever have but then I met LV and like you, "got it." No turning back now! :lol: Personally I'd go for the Ursula, I just prefer the look of it, but they're both beautiful bags and whichever you choose, you're sure to be happy with it. Let us know what you decide, won't you!
  7. I with everyone else, I vote for the Griet. It seems to suit your needs better since it's a larger bag and is a bit easier to get in and out of. The Ursula has the tis on the side as well as a partial chain strap, so with 3 kids, it might not be as good. Good luck choosing, I know it's hard.
  8. hey while you still have both, do you think you could post pics/modeling pics of the MC Griet? Pretty please...hehe.
  9. Deffinatly the multicolor Griet, the Ursula is more of a statement/runway
    purse IMO.
  10. I would say the Griet, can you show us some pics please?

    Pretty please! Thanks in advance!
  11. If you like the look of the Ursula the most, keep that one...
  12. i have the ursula in black mc and i love love love it so so so much.
    i think u should get this one
  13. welcome to the Brown - well in your case, Multicolour - Side :graucho:
  14. I was the same way!!! When I was first into designer bags, it was Prada and then a bit of Coach. I noticed that on TPF those sub-forums were much smaller than the Louis Vuitton sub-forum, and I couldn't for the life of me understand why! It was so weird..I always thought I hated LV, because i didn't like the mono canvas at all, or the color of patinad vachetta...but all it took was seeing an amarante vernis bag IRL and I was like, OMG I WANT SOME OF THAT! lol. And now, about 3 months later, I own about $5000 of LV (gulp) and I AM HOOKED. It's like a sickness, or an addiction or something, lol. LIke I see something, and I just HAVE to have it!! Poor DH. He thought he got off easy, knowing that I don't like jewelry or nice cars... :lol: he forgot about the purses. :biggrin:
  15. Good luck, the Griet can really carry a lot. Found it heavy too.