wow - how pretty is this?

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. NEVER!
  2. I love those. They come in magenta :love:
  3. Very pretty.

  4. Lol!
    The two items match really well together.
    Are you going to take the plunge?
  5. I really like the shoes, the bag color intimidates me w/ 3 children! LOL!
  6. The bag looks HOT, but I think it would get dirty the first time I take it out!!!:wacko: The shoes are really cute, too!:love:
  7. ^^ Agreed, I'm kind of afraid of untreated canvas !
  8. I love the whole Antigua line- I never see anyone carrying it!
  9. I lovvve Antigua! My favorite from LV.
  10. I have kids this bag would get dirty within minutes.
  11. I want the dark brown version.....hides the dirt! and the shoes........
  12. I like the shoes better than the bag......although the bag is nice too. Not sure where I'd carry it though.........
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