wow heritage and that new print faked

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  1. Gross!
  2. I know and another ad, I just went through and flagged a bunch was the "I purchased this for my girflriend and she left me..." bla bla bla. You could see from the stock photo of the fake and far away and without my glasses that it was a fake lol !
  3. :cursing: I don't know much about Craiglist. Is there a way we could all report?
  4. I know ! I love the fakes that try to incorporate all of the different "elements" in one bag lol !
  5. link no longer works...
  6. That's 'cause it got removed. :biggrin: craigslist seems way better at removing flagged items than, say, ebay...... Grrr
  7. aww... I missed it. I guess that's a good thing.
  8. It was the heritage totes faked and also that pink and tan new print faked ! They are coming out fast with these things !
  9. go to ...

    They have all the fakes because most of the sellers on there are right from China. It's crazy how some of the fakes look so real. I mean I know they are still disgusting. But, they definitely have tried to make them exactly like the real thing! If someone didn't know what to look for and the difference, they would definitely fall for these POS!
  10. well all those links don't work now...says they have been flagged for removal. which is a good thing but i wanted to see the ugliness...LOL
  11. LOL same here, I wanted the ewwwww factor:P