wow heart coin..lists pages thick?

  1. Ok----I just talked to a rep at 1866 who said that heart coin purses are available wait list only. Which is confusing because I walked into an lv store last week and told the SA I wanted one. Her store was only getting two, so she called me yesterday to confirm. I told her if she wasnt able to get the red, then Id like the pink. I call a few stores and im told they are ALL waitlisted only, one store even said the waitlist is a few pages which is shocking to me for some reason. So I call my store Im listed at and talk to a different sa (SA im working with is OFF today) she tells me theres over 50 people on the list. So Im wondering were these 50 people listed between the time I visited and now, or before I visited and because I walked in, dropped my CC I was given priority. I sort of feel bad that people who were listed may not get it because some SAs bypass the list and sell to whom they want to.

    Im just happy I got my pink heart coin purse, but its very limited from I was told by a few SAs. Even the bigger stores like SF only got a few (thats my normal store and the list there is long, I hear)

    so moral is..get it while you have the opportunity!!
  2. Interesting, all the whoopla and then a store only receives a limited quanitity...guess that is what makes LV as special as it is!!!

    Thanks, but I must be the only one on this planet not into the heart shaped coin purse and other pieces associated with the collection....not to mention the mirror collection...but to each their own!! I am just a plain monogram canvas sort of gal!!!!

    ..oh yea, how about Da Bears!!! GO CHICAGO!!!
  3. i know, my store only had one. and instead of saving it for me, they put someone else's name on it,even though i had been SCREAMING about this item for a month!
  4. I think the truth about retail is that people are willing to stab others in the back in order to foster a relationship with their customers, don't you think?

    I had a friend who worked at Nordstrom who said the other girls would always give themselves credit for commission sales instead of her, so I suppose this kind of behavior would be just as rampant at Louis Vuitton or anywhere.

    Congrats on your coin purse either way ;)
  5. :crybaby:
  6. I am on the phone with 1866 right now, they said the Pomme color heart purse is totally sold out. She is checking for a framboise right now.

    She expected the heart purse to keep running through the month (of February...) so hopefully more will be available! My store didn't get any! :crybaby:

  7. I agree. I think if your in a retail position that is based on commission or some sort of quota, you will do what it takes to foster a relationship with a client who you presume will spend money with you. I feel bad that I was put ahead of 50+ people who were on the waitlist, but then again Im happy I was able to get the heart purse. I think I want to get the framboise envelope pouch aswell....:smile:
  8. I'm a late bloomer on these. Darnit. I just decided that I wanted to jump on the bandwagon.

    I'm on the list for one now but I probably won't get one :sad:
  9. Aww..I'm least you got your Framboise one though!
  10. There's a second shipment coming soon. Talk with you SA's!!
  11. :wtf: :crybaby: :wtf: :crybaby:
  12. Forget it. I'll spend the $350 on sumthin else pretty!
  13. Oh I hope I get these purses I am on the wait list they haven't arrived yet
  14. Congrats on the pink. Maybe try Elux for the pomme?
  15. This wasn't a one shot shipment, so there should still be plenty of time to be able to purchse one. I heard the second delivery will arrive shortly, and be much bigger than the first.