WOW - Have you seen the new RM Getaway Satchel??

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  1. I've only now just seen this and I want one TODAY! But, they aren't for sale yet - or so it seems... Has anyone seen one IRL? Does anyone know color combinations or when it will be available?? Here's the pic from the front page of the site. Thanks!
  2. I saw this at Bendel's. I think in addition to this color they have white/sterling combo.
  3. I really like this style
  4. That's the only pic of it that I've seen so far! But I'm dying to know more. It's like someone beheaded the Getaway tote....
  5. I just stopped by Bendel's on my way home. They had a night on display and the SA mentioned a white combo too. The night was a little plain IMO. I asked about the night/dark spot but the SA didn't expect to get any. The strap was about the same length as on the steady. The satchel seemed bigger IRL. I would gestimate that it was the length of my MAM, and puffed with paper was 2.5-3 inches deep, and maybe 6 inches tall. It did work crossbody on me, and hit about my waist but I was wearing a suit jacket and raincoat underneath.

    I also emailed LB to see if they would be getting any. I'm definately getting a night/dark spot if I can find one with a code.

    So Amanda from LB responded, but only pointed me towards the get away tote on the site. I guess I'll hear back from Sara on Monday. The dark spot seems really shiny at LB.
  6. I love the details on this style. I am getting so excited for the new bags and colors.
  7. Yea i think this is beautiful! I agree- i would get it in night/dark spot too!
  8. I really love this bag! I hope it comes out in a lot of colors!!!!
  9. I agree. I like the original getaway tote more. This one looks like it might be rather trendy with the detailing on front.

    I wanted to add I think I confused the getaway tote with the steady. I'm not really sure actually. But does anyone think the combo on LB looks like underwear on the front? I think that's what's making me iffy on this bag is the underwear outline!

    lol! it does look a bit like an underwear. :graucho:
  11. ^^Well, no underwear on the all black one.
  12. Maybe they shoulda called it a briefcase.

  13. I am new to RM and have been eyeing this bag and the MAM. I was told that it will be available for sale at the end of this month. They did not say anything about colors.
  14. I love this!!! I had no idea what it was clled until now tho..

    can't wait to see it IRL!
  15. I just got an email from Catalina saying it will be available (maybe just on the website??) around the end of April in Night with gold crackle. Hmmm... I was also hoping for a black, black suede (I made that up, but I think it would be purdy), or a blue with blue suede (hotness!), or eggplant with dark silver or ... just more colors!