Wow have you all seen this site?

  1. Isnt this crazy??!!!???
    They seem like pretty darn good fakes (if they can be called good lol). Im shocked about this.

    sorry, but we don't allow links to known replica/fakes websites, no need to give them free advertising!
  2. wow nice catch.

    Im just so surprised looking through all the pics of each bag how "good" they are compared to the super fakes I saw in asia. It is a scary thought.
  3. if they'll use fake imagery on their site, no one should expect that the bags pictured are the ones they would send to a customer.

  4. Thats a good point. Though looking through their catalog it seems the only real thing. Not giving any credit to them, but I think that hermes image usage was to make the site look pretty. Theres more stolen imagery around the site to beautify it I think (like of people). Regardless though they are despicable! If they do send out the bags that are pictured (click next on each bag and youll see tons of pics in detail) I am scared for eBay!
  5. YUCK!!! They are very good but not perfect. There are some real problems with them that jump out if you have seen and know real Birkins - and good thing! I'm not going to list them here, though. hehe
  6. Except for TOGO BIRKIN STOCK on their birkin page. Thats their ugly stuff lol. Those are some fakes that really scream fake to me.
  7. LOL I already have a thread aimed towards the shoppers about this. I put it in the general hermes category for discussion, not really for shopping, but mods know best I guess. Sorry
  8. That is disgusting. I do not understand how Hermes has not shut this down. I cannot believe these criminals would ship with boxes, ribbon and receipts!! Really, I think I don't have the stomach to keep looking on eBay for a birkin at this point. This is just too much.
  9. They seem to keep getting better and better. Even since my last visit to Asia they have gotten better for sure.
  10. All I have to say is WOW!! WOW...WOW! YUCK!!!
  11. I like playing detective, so I found the email address of the photographer for the NY Times article photos, told him that his pics were being used on another site, illegaly. Haven't heard back from him, yet.

    I say we email Hermes and the owner of that God awful site, letting him know, that we know - HE'S A FRAUDDDDD :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  12. There's so much wrong with the site to any prospective customer. No prices, no inside look at the bag, no stamp or anything else. Plus, the bags are FAKES!!! That's the bottom line.
  13. Hey Royal, each bag there has like 30 pics each. You have to click the bag then scroll through the images.

    I found out their prices:
    $700 retail
    $500 wholesale


    I also found out the company is well known in China, you can find their bags all over hong kong and mainland China. Sick!
  14. Sorry mods. Also I didnt purposely duplicate threads. This thread was moved from the main hermes forum so it made two in this forum.