WOW... Have dealt with a lot of problems, but this is a First!

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  1. I don't know if this has happened to anyone. But here go:

    I shipped the item FedEx Ground with signature like I do for everything that is over 100.00 for security reasons. Anyways, this person asked for me to reroute the package to their job so that they could sign for it. I told them no that I couldn't do that. (if I did that I wouldn't be covered under paypal). They send me an email today saying that they want their shipping money back because they have to take time to go to fedex and pick it up. :confused1: Ok... I have had to go to the FedEx location numerous times to pick up packages and I can't call up LV and be like Hey I need my shipping refunded because I had to go out of my way!

    My question is: Should I just refund their shipping money because they may leave me negative feedback if I don't do it or should I stick to my guns and not do it and possibly risk a negative?
  2. Stick to your guns and do not refund, that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard!

  3. yes tell her its EBAYS policy that she must sign for you to be protected. I would apologize to her for any inconvenience this may have caused her. unless she drove to your house to pick it up, you still had to pay to for shipping and shouldnt have to reimburse her for it. Geez!
  4. Can't she contact FedEx and have it re-routed to her office? I think it's possible to do that.
  5. ITA!!:tup:
  6. what a ridiculous request. No, I would not refund her. And if she had a postal query she should have made it before the end of the auction!
  7. Tell her to get a life. Some people....
  8. No, as pp said, she should have called Fedex to reroute it. You are not covered if you don't send it to the confirmed address. I guess it was too hard for her to dial the number.....
  9. The nerve!
  10. stick to you rules...:tup:
  11. Wow some people just want things handed to them, literally! I would not refund her, you can kindly email her and let her know that.

  12. :tup:
  13. No way! The fact that she has to go to fedex to pick it up is her problem, not yours!
  14. i got a negative for this.
  15. Are you kidding me? Does this buyer have any common sense or is she out of her mind? She should try coughing up that excuse to a store that shipped by Fedex and have them laugh in her face for requesting to get compensated for personal time to pick up a package from Fedex.

    I'm so sorry you're having to deal with such a lunatic buyer; sadly eBay is getting more of those lately. But in your case there's NO WAY I'd refund the buyer their shipping fees for such a ridiculous excuse. You did nothing wrong, and what they're requesting is beyond the customer service scope of any store (when NM/Saks/Chanel/etc. send high-$$$ packages they don't even allow re-routing based on my experience)....and really, just beyond common sense. I'd want to find out this buyer's eBay ID so I can block them immediately.