WOW, guess what I got.....another LIMITED EDITION wallet!!

  1. Ok so some of you know the last LIMITED EDITION wallet I got was this one:



    This is it........isn't she pretty??


    le1.jpg le2.jpg le3.jpg le4.jpg
  3. The colors are really pretty!! Congrats!!
  4. I have seriously been lusting after this in the compact clutch! It's gorgeous!
  5. Congrats on your wallet! Enjoy it!
  6. you should totally get it!! call 888 and order it............enabling here...........I'm sure it's available!! LOOK HOW PRETTY IS IS!! ;)
  7. someone likes their limited edition wallets :smile:
  8. OMG!! So jealousss :angel: Congrats and enjoy it!!
  9. wow I love that new wallet! The colors are great!
  10. ooohhh! I love both of your LEs! You are one lucky gal! Congrats.
  11. how much was that pink one, if you don't mind my asking?
  12. It is so pretty, I love those colours!
  13. I have been eyeing the pink one! AHHH How much was it can I ask? Nice wallets!
  14. i want it!!!!!!
    but i cannot justify spending so much on their wallets when they're practially as much as their bags!
    however... that heritage stuff, may be a breaker!
    though hopefully i can get a small ish medium sized tote from that line, and maybe a wristlet! ( i am praying that tote comes in a small/ medium size!)
  15. How cute!!! Love your wallets? How can you tell if a wallet is limited edition?