WOW!! Great buys on Balenciaga at!!

  1. omg black city is already gone! they also had a Sandstone GGH brief - gone too! thanks though!
  2. Wow....that was fast!! I was browsing not more than 10 min. ago and they had them in stock then :amazed:
  3. All gone... Thanks..
  4. Oh darn! I would have loved a Black City with GGH!
  5. LOL they will notify me when they have it in stock :smile:.

    you have to fast with overstock :yes:
  6. Thanks!!! Just bought the dark brown(cafe?) weekender for $899!!:woohoo:
    I've been wanting a weekender for so long but didn't want to
    pay retail.:shame:
  7. ^^Congrats! You got a great deal!
  8. Thanks!! Can't wait to get it.
  9. ^^Oh man - I would have loved to get that bag. Oh well - i'm happy that another Pf'er got it at least!! Did you get it for $899. or $999.? Today it shows as $999.??? Does overstock adjust their prices everyday?

    Also has anyone purchased b-bags from them before? Do we know that they're authentic?

    TIA! And congrats!
  10. Is a good resource for online Balenciaga shopping? I thought they were notorious for fakes.
  11. It was $999 but I used a 10% off code. With no tax and free shipping, I
    couldn't pass it up.:rolleyes:
  12. Where did you find the 10% code (if you don't mind me asking)?

    What's up with the eyeroll?
  13. wow..i wish i got that black city=(