WOW gray city '04 with SILVER hardware

  1. Those pics look a lot like Mimi's from her auction for her 04 gray city bag - was this the buyer, or is something funny going on?
  2. i read that she stated that this bag is provide by mimi and that the seller's also a PF member?
  3. Oh, okay. That'll teach me for being too impatient to read the listing. I know this seller's legit, but those pictures are mirrors of mimi's, so it threw me. I'm happy to be proven wrong.
  4. I think the seller is the PFer MaryMargaret... guess she decided to keep the Lilac and sell the Grey.
    I have this same bag - though mine is quite a bit more busted - and the leather is sooooo amazing! anyone considering a grey city should check this one out.
    Good luck with your auction, MaryMargaret!
  5. i agree with you slinks, the leather looks amazing!!!
    i love '04 leathers :P
  6. Thank You!!! I've over-spent again and something has to go - RATS! :shame:
  7. :drool:

    lucky i got my grey city a few weeks ago or i'd have to buy that :lol:
  8. Yeah, I can speak from experience - this leather is totaaaally vintage and PERFECT. It is sooo incredible.

    By the way I gave full permission for her to use my photos because she was having troubles with her camera :heart:

  9. 'sigh'
    What a beautiful bag!
  10. how does the gray 04 differ from gray 05? Anyone know? =)
  11. price is just a little out of my budget, shame because I have a few bucks to burn on a bag...
  12. chigirl could probably best describe the differences since she has owned both greys!!!!! :yes:
  13. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  14. 0o0o0o0 yummy...