Wow- gorgeous!

  1. I just love this- it must be soo soft :nuts: Makes me want to crawl inside :lol: But the price is insane- $1498! And I thought it was crazy for Coach to ask $800 for the Daphne bag! If this makes it to the outlets I'll definitely be tempted- but it'll have to be at least 50% off :lol:


    Does anyone else have problems paying high prices for premium products from Coach when they offer so many sub-$50 items?
  2. it's gorgeous but the price is insane

    i believe this came out around the time elle's accessories featured a huge coach bag (somewhat like this one) that's either 698 or 798, so you might want to look at that if you're willing to spend half of 1498.

    =) personally i like it but wished it was smaller, 26" is just wayyyyy to big, even for a big bag girl like me
  3. maybe i'm stupid, but whats the L for?
  4. naaah:yucky: , IMO, that's gone too far of Coach:confused1: really!!, I'd rather pay for other designer brand, to be honest.:huh: for that price.;)
  5. I like the bag but to much to pay for it.
  6. Wow, I love that bag! Apart from those new Duffle bags I love the latest COACH bags and designs:love:

  7. Maybe COACH LEGACY or something?
  8. I think its Coach Leather. I think of seen monograms of CLG Coach Leather Goods. I really don't care for the L. If it just had the C, I would like it better. But not at that price.
  9. there are so many other things i would rather spend my $1500 on than that...
  10. Love it but no way am I spending that kind of money on a Coach bag, even if I had the money to spend! Even at half the price...The outlets run so many great specials, there's no reason to spend that kind of money on a Coach.
  11. I agree!
  12. i agree with MarieG and kallison :yes:
  13. Love the bag, but wayyy to expensive!
  14. :wtf: @ the price.
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