WOW: gorgeous '06 GRENAT City - BIN $1250

  1. that is beautiful. the leather looks great. good luck!
  2. Good luck, Myriam! That is a gorgeous color, I love it!
  3. thanks guys !! :heart: :shame: :shame:
    I changed the BIn to £1199.
    Thanks for posting first!! :love:
  4. Is this color close to oxblood? I thought the new "grenat" color was 2006 oxblood? Thanks!
  5. ^^ oxblood & grenat are the same color ;)
  6. I hope someone here gets this, its such a beautiful bag at a great price! I seriously considered it, but managed to stay focussed on getting a black city.
  7. buena suerte myriamrees! beautiful bag!!!
  8. Thank you everyone for your kind words. Bag is sold to a lovely TPF member !! :yahoo: :heart:
    I will post pics soon of my new b-bag ;)
  9. WOW .... CONGRATS myriam... :flowers: on your sale and congrats also to the lovely buyer, you lucky girl :yahoo:
  10. Congratulations to both of you!
  11. Thanks to a great seller I am waiting for my first Balenciaga Bag. I can't wait until it arrives!
  12. Congrats myriam and jackie! :yahoo: :yahoo:

  13. CONGRATS Jackie :flowers: and welcome on the tPF :yahoo: . . . can't wait to see pics ;) :yes:
  14. Stupid question, I thought there wasnt supposed to be any advertising of anyones auctions on here...or am I mistaken...because if its allowed, I'm ready! :smile: