WOW Gognac Aulmoniere From Ronda Girl

  1. ^^thanks, nanaz. you're a doll.
  2. I am sooo tempted!!! My fav color, and I don't have this style!!:drool:
  3. Go Colleen :yahoo: look at the price, you can't beat that.:nuts:
  4. oh-mi-gosh that is too cute!!!
  5. Colleen you must get this!!!!! It is STUNNING!!!!!!!!!:love:
  6. I really want this, I am just afraid if my husband sees one more of these bags arrive at the house right now, he will bury me in the concrete (with all my B Bags on top of me) on one of his jobs! LOL. I might chance it anyway. If I suddenly disappear from this forum, call 911, and tell them where to find me!
  7. This is such a cutie pie bag!! But, someone please tell me... how do you wear it? Is it an evening bag? Is it just a tiny purse? I can't quite tell from the pics. Beautiful color, though.
  8. wow, your photos have turned me on to this style! it's perfect for a night out.
  9. You could wear it as an evening purse, as in the photo of Jennifer Lopez on my listing. Or, because it's durable Balenciaga leather, you could carry anywhere when you don't feel like taking a big bag. It is really pretty.:graucho:
  10. Rondafaye, you know more than ANYBODY!:yes:

    I'd bid on it right now... but I'm just not a "small bag" person. I always have too much crap to haul around! Oh well.
  11. Rondafaye, you bag is fabulous!! The more I see of this style, the more tempted I am to get one...I would absoluetly use it as a "going out" bag...big enough for the essentials but not to big to haul out to an evening at the bars, etc...

    has anyone seen this style in the new 07 colors??? I'd reallly be interested to see it in the more vibrant colors of the new season...vert gazon? bleu de France?
  12. what shade of brown is this? on it's described as a camel color but it looks like a richer darker brown in the pics.