's waitlist opened up

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  1. I don't know if this is the wrong place to post this, but for those on, it allows you to 'waitlist' items you miss out on. Just by chance I went onto my account and clicked onto my waitlist, and the Gryson Olivia in Moss said available and it let me check out. I totally missed out on this one the first time around. How exciting.

    I guess it pays to periodically check your wait list. If anyone else waitlisted the Gryson Olivia, it is showing one more left right now.
  2. The only problem with this website is that in order to become a member, one needs to be invited by a current member...
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  6. we're not allowed to do invites on tpf

  7. If they would like to become members, they should email
  8. How do you waitlist an item?

  9. Just click on the item that you want that is sold out and you'll see the wait list option.
  10. Wow, how complicated lol Sorry, I never bother to look at sold out items. Thanks
  11. You're welcome! Come to think of it...why would you need to look at an item that is sold out? LOL! that your daughter in your avatar? She sure is cute!! :yes::yes:
  12. Their waitlists are effective! During the Lalique sale, I put myself on the waitlist for a dish, and two days later or so (after the sale was over!) they emailed me saying they were able to acquire a few more pieces and asked if I still wanted it! :tup:
  13. letsgo..yeah, it's great that it does come through. i kinda thought it was bogus, the waitlist option. i never did get an email from them, but just going into my waitlist i did see the item available

    i just wanted to let those of you that shop on there to keep an eye on your waitlists if you really missed something. i was so psyched to see the bag available. and it still shows one more available.

    letsgo..lalique is nice!
  14. I have 2 RM bags on my waitlist. They're still not available.... thanks for the reminder to check the waitlist. It's good to know they do work.
  15. Thank you! I waitlisted the Olivia and never got an email, but I just checked my waitlist and it was there - available for purchase! I love my white Olivia and forgot about the Gryson sale and was disappointed to come home from work and see what I had missed. It is in my cart and I'm going to check out now!