WOW!!! For those w/hearts and cosmetic cases

  1. :yahoo: I don't really know how to post pictures, but I had to share this. For those who have heart coin purses and miroir cosmetic cases.....If you take the heart chain and slip it under the tab on the side of the cosmetic case it makes a really cute wristlet. Just slip your wrist in the enclosed chain. I have the amarante heart and the silver miroir cosmetic case. The combination is awesome. Since the chain on the heart is gold I can wear this combo w/gold or silver jewelry when I go out. I can put my money, keys and maybe a small lip gloss in the heart purse and my camera, compact, phone and I.D.and credit card in the cosmetic case and I am good to go!!! Try it....I will try to figue out how to post pics. :tup:

    Also...If anyone wants a violette heart the store in Jacksonville, FL has one as I exchanged it for the silver cosmetic purse earlier today!!!
  2. Cute idea!
    The heart really only fits the money though, not really the lip gloss or keys. Otherwise it's kind of hard to zip.
    Or maybe I'm just too cautious lol.
  3. When I go out in the evening I always take my house key and car key off my normal key ring because I always carry a small bay. Although my car key is kind of thick (electric remote), they both seem to fit in the heart.
  4. Nice!
    Which colors did you get, by the way?
    I'd be able to do that with my Violette heart and cosmetic case...not sure if it would match too well with the gold cosmetic case.
  5. I have the silver cosmetic case and amarante heart. It is an unconventional combination, but they look great together. I am pretty sure any combination would work. I actually wanted the gold heart to attach to the silver cosmetic case, but I love the charms on the amarante heart. It adds some extra pizazz!!
  6. I think the violette would look fantastic with gold miroir. That's why I'm hoping DH will surprise me with the violette heart soon as I know they've been released already.
  7. oops: accidentally reposted....
  8. Congrats on your new purchases and thanks for the great idea!
  9. I would love to see pics!
  10. Pics please!!
  11. ohh can someone post pics?? or you can email me the pics and i'll post them but i'm confused as to how this works (sorry i'm a bit slow). would the heart also be hanging off the cosmetic case?
  12. Great idea!!!!!!
  13. okay someone post a pic, I totally don't understand what you're talking about!!
  14. That sounds like a cute idea, but I need pics to fully understand! So I guess the heart is hanging on the outside of the cosmetics case and the chain is clipped under the tab of the cosmetic case that buttons to the side?
  15. I think it's like this...