WOW Finally!!!

  1. I finally have the A-OK to get my first LV and now I am stressed lol because I want it to be just the right one and I do not live ANYwhere near a boutique. I want to keep the price fairly low (in LV terms I mean lol)
    Any ideas??? Want to help me choose? I am thrilled!:yahoo:
  2. I guess I would say Speedy, it's the lowest and it's a classic. You also have it as your avatar:shrugs:
  3. what are you looking for? any particular line? hand held or shoulder?
  4. Speedy ! mono or damier
  5. Yes, definately a speedy. Either the mongram or the Damier.
  6. Agree with the speedy...a monogram one!
  7. speedy in mono or damier is must have for any LV lover!!!!!
  8. Speedy, speedy, speedy!
  9. I like both but usually lean towards hand held
  10. congrats on being able to get a LV! I also have to say SPEEDY ...speedy 30 is the most versatile...I have 25 and 35, but feel 25 is a bit small and 35 is a bit too big... one day I'll get the 30 too...

    Speedy monogram looks so good on everyone I've seen it on....and with any outfit...
  11. Since you lean towards hand held, I would suggest, of course Speedy! Or, the saleya pm. You can't go wrong with speedy. I became a member of the speedy club tonight--damier 30. I have more expensive lv's, but this speedy is so great! Definitely one I can never part with.
  12. It's been months you have been talking about either getting speedy 25, 30 or Trouville.. My vote for speedy 30 and get white MC Trouville..
    Congrats, I am so excited for you !!!!
  13. speedy damier! haha like everyone else, its a classic and a perfect first LV, its not as expensive and you can dress it up or down. I say go for it! cant wait till you decide!!
  14. It is tough because there are several beautiful handhelds such as trouville but it is a bit more $$
  15. Yes get a speedy!! i've been dreaming of getting one too! hopefully when i get time to go shopping i will buy it! before the prices go up!