WOW....Fantastic Service!!!

  1. I rang Bicester Village 2 days before Xmas as I was looking for a Roxanne Keyring.
    I spoke to a young girl who informed me that if I rang Boxing day it would be £20 cheaper and they had 10 left....
    Well I called Boxing day and today for ages and ages and the phone just rings.
    Then I noticed on here that they don't take phone orders!!
    I was really annoyed as the chances of getting this keyring are slim, so I emailed Mulberry Customer Services about an hour ago to have a moan!!!
    WELL, they have just emailed back offering to send me a keyring with their compliments!!
    I'm gobsmacked!!!
    I've never had customer service like this before!!
    (hopefully they will follow through and actually send it, as I'm so impressed)
    This is what makes Mulberry great...
    Makes me want to buy lots more bags from them..
    Well done Mulberry.
  2. Wow - great for you!!! More bags !!!!
  3. Mmmm...... maybe I should try this with a bag , do you think they might send me a freebie :nuts:
  4. That is just too cool for school!!! Damn I should have tried that on the scarf Andy ordered for me...............................hmmmmm,thats got me thinking now!!!! Tara,if you get away with a bag,I'm goin' in!!!!!
  5. I just sent an e-mail to inquire about a Rosemary and they have already responded. I was very surprised they answered so quickly, just not the way I wanted!!
  6. Well my purchases in the last few months probably helped with their Xmas bonuses!!
  7. Yay, that's fantastic. Good for you rachiem. I must admit though, I nearly lost the will to live trying to get Bicester to pick up the phone yesterday. :hysteric:
  8. wow thats really great service! I love the way the respond to emails quicklly, nothing worse than having to wait days for a reply, wondering whether the person even got the original email...
  9. Wow - that's great customer service especially at this time of year!!!
  10. Reassuring to hear that customer service is so good.
  11. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Alycat, you crack me up!!!!!
  12. Received my keyring today, it's great and came in lovely packaging too!!
    Well done Mulberry!!
  13. It least they got it right for someone !!!

    Glad you got your keyring XXXX
  14. Yay! Congrats. I've always had great service from Mulberry so glad to see the sale was a blip!
  15. Fantastic,restores ones faith in them again,and yes the sale was probably a bit of a blip!!!