WOW, F/W '04 Eggplant City

  1. Uh oh....figures...this comes up just as I buy my Part-time this morning from BalNY....ugh!!! :wtf:

    Has anyone asked if the seller has a BIN price they would sell for???
  2. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  3. :drool:WOW another eggplant beauty!
  4. LOVE IT!!:love:
  5. It looks good~~What is going on tonight here and there eggplant color is popping out and plus dolma work..
  6. Another beauty !!
  7. Does it bother anyone that the seller has a 1 rating?

  8. I saw that, but it looks like she (he?) is just new to eBay (the icon next to her username means the account has been opened for less than 30 days) would be a bit different, if they CHANGED usernames for the same account. Then I would definitely be a bit weary!
  9. If you notice, the (1) FB is for a black City the seller had up. That City was authentic, and the buyer left the seller PFB so I think it's pretty safe.:yes:
  10. ^ Good to know!:smile: Thanks
  11. Wonder how high this will go?
  12. My guess is it will go a little lower due to seller's iffy feedback. I would ask for lots of pictures and some sort of proof that she has that bag in her possession, like taking a picture with the date checked beside the bag.
    Eggplant is well worth the money. The leather, color sheer perfection as in my opinion. It's a jaw dropper! :nuts:
  13. Lower?'s already at $1500. with 5 days left. WOW!:wtf:
  14. It's real, I believe she's a member here.:yes: