Wow! Everyone was rockin their LVs today!


I love lamp.
Jul 24, 2006
Mom and I hit Valley Fair today, saw our favorite SA at LV (showed her the Ludlow wallet that was on my list :graucho:)...but everywhere I turned, everyone had their LVs out and about today.

Mom was sporting her Tikal GM, saw several Damier Speedies (two 30's and a 25) a few Popicourt Hauts, a blue Epi Soufflot, an Epi Lilac Jasmin. A White LeFab :drool: and a black Le Affriolant :drool::drool::drool::love:

Another custumer at Macy's had her PTI, and saw my Mom's Zippy wallet and told her husband, "Ooooh I like that one too!" LOL.
wow krispin - you had a lot of LV sightings today!

All I saw was one today - but it was really special - my friend's very first LV bag which she took out for the first time today!
I saw a girl with the perforated fuscia speedy! i loved it and then 20min later i saw another girl with a FAKE perforated fuscia speedy and i glanced at it and my boyfriend always looks at me and then he says thats the bag u like i said yeah i know its fake though...and i said all the things about it and hes like damn u looked it for like 2 seconds haha! hes so cute
Yeah for Valley Fair! Good place to see lots of designers, plus Santana Row is right there :smile:

Was it packed? Weekends in December scare me.

It wasn't horrible. We got there around 11:30 and didn't have to park in the boonies.

Had a horrible experience in Macy's in the Christmas area. Seriously they need to take a lesson in customer service. Seriously, I feel so stressed when I am in there...nothing like when I am Nordies, LV or Coach.
I like Valley Fair. I go there everytime I visit my family in the Bay Area.

I only saw one LV today and it was my sis's mini pleaty raye custom. It's so cute, but so pricey. I should've took a pic of it before she went back to the bay.
Yah, Valley Fair is a good place to see nice designer bags. Downtown SF is another good place.

LOL Mary! I try to do my shopping on Tuesdays to avoid the crowds. too, Tuesday or Thursdays usually. Only the promise of mirior made me brave Friday!

Can't forget Stanford, too...we really do have great shopping here ;)
I was at Valley Fair yesterday! Was in SF last weekend, Stanford twice mid-week. Saw a lot of LV's. Barney's NY is coming, ladies! Shopping here is great now and getting even better.:yahoo:
Yes, I live on Long Island and in the mall Roosevelt Field i must have counted over 100 people with LV's.

Haha so do I....I was there yesterday! I love that place, I'm always many Louis' are always carried there. Not TOO many fakes, although I've seen alot. They are usually down by the JCPenney/Dicks Sporting Goods Food Court area. The Nordstrom/Macy's side you see 90% real.

Have to eaten at Panino? Across from the Ipod store? Omg that place is my heaven...that's where I had my Veal Parm. lol..

Okie, bye bye fellow Long Islander!