WOW Eggplant weekender 1250 BIN or BO!

  1. ACK! She's gone. What a lucky duck!!! I was ready to BIN!!
  2. That was super quick! Congrats to the lucky winner!
  3. wow that was one goregous bag! Congrats to the lucky buyer!
  4. I am so late to everything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:sad:
  5. Wow that is a beautiful color!!
  6. who got it? is it a PFer?
  7. where does lvlady get these is what i wanna know!!!
  8. WOW this one is gorgeous! Congrats to the winner!
  9. :angel:
  10. Kimsin- was it you!!!!:devil: If so- you scored BIG time!!!! Congrats!:yahoo:
  11. kimisin- sneaky, sneaky!!! congrats!:yahoo: it's gorgeous!
  12. :shame: was me. I can't believe it when I see it on I will delete my want it now post .Thanks so much everyone! Will post pictures when it arrive. :yahoo:
  13. congrats kimishin! that's the first eggplant weekender i've ever seen!
  14. kimi, you go girl!!!!:heart: eggplant WEEKENDER!!!!!!!!!!:love: pix please.:supacool: