Wow don't know where to put this but Hi! I'm new!

  1. Hi everyone! I'm new here and I love purses! I actually need a new one right now (I need a bigger one--I have way too much stuff to cram into a little purse!)...I just found this forum and it's so huge it'll take me a while to get around in here! But I'm so excited because you can never have too many purses! My favorites right now are Coach and Dooney...not quite up there yet enough to get anything higher end, but I love these two brands :smile:

    Anyway, hi!

    Meredith :smile:
  2. Hi and welcome!
  3. Welcome. You will learn so much. Utilize the "search" function. It will help you get around.
  4. Hey! Welcome to tPF!!

    Just fyi... I came into this forum with my favourite being coach/balenciaga... and you should see the my collection now!! (I've only been on here for 2 and a bit months, and it's pretty varied!) be careful! :p
  5. Hi, nice to meet you :smile:
  6. Welcome! enjoy the ride - so many beautiful bags out there to be explored!!!
  7. welcome, I am only here around 2 months, but this forum is addicting and bad for the $$$$$. Since I started I have purchased 3 bags and 1 accessory although have several bags and accessories on wait list.