1. There is a Ivorie Day on for $634!!!!!! What a great price!!!:woohoo::woohoo:
  2. oh man. that is a good price.
    it's so tempting! someone should get it; ivoire is such a beautiful color!
  3. I cannot handle light color bags; othewise I will grab it. :sad:
  4. I'd love one too, but for the warmer months. I don't want to spend the $$ on it now when I won't be using it until then.
  5. so sad, i really want a white one , not an ivory, but that's a great great deal
    (diabro also has a matelasse mini in ivory for 634, that's a great price!)
    hope someone here will grab them!
  6. that is a great price- I keep going back to look at it. But, I also am too scared to carry a light colored bag. Still, it's such a steal...always worth contemplating...
  7. I have the black day, and I wouldn't mind a light-colored one... too bad it's gone already:crybaby:
  8. diabro has some great bags, I would place an order if shipping was not so expensive. They want $97 to ship a City to California.
  9. Did you double check that? I live in Washington state, and the shipping was $26 or $29!!!!! Should be the same for you! I got the Ivory City and it is a beauty! I hope you can get the normal shipping price! Good luck!:yes:
  10. Geez that's an incredible price! Congrats, bags4fun! Enjoy and post pics. Why oh why do I have to be on a purse ban?
  11. yeah I thought it was a mistake as well, so I sent them an email with my zip code and they gave me the same quote. why so expensive?
  12. WOW! Great find!!!
  13. I purchased 2 bags from them already and it was around $27 to Switzerland. I think there must be a mistake somewhere, LVobsessed. Can you choose different shipping options?
  14. They charged me $22 to ship to the UK, there must be something wrong with that $97 quote?!
  15. Only $634?!?! wow!! Great price!!