Wow! Counterfeiters move fast!

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  1. Wow, that was quick. You can tell that was totally fake. The O's weren't round enough. I guess they have people working to scope out the latest collections.
  2. Yuck!:sick:
  3. What the heck? That looks nothing like the real deal!
  4. The fake one listed on Yahoo HK auction before the real one debut @ LV shop. So horrible!
  5. Damn.. I bet in some cases there are fakes available before the actual bag is available in stores.. Awful! :mad:
  6. That is gross i like the real stuff because it looks better and plain nicer
  7. Jeez, already?! Yuck, that's hideous :sick:
  8. Hrm.. I actually saw some of these before the line was officially released. Counterfieters are pretty savvy, with their reproduction of items from pictues alone. This is why sometimes the dimensions and such are a little off.
  9. Ewwwww!
  10. Gross. That's the first attempt at a fake perfo I've seen though.
  11. EEEK! :weird:
  12. The fakes have key holes in the padlocks with little keys.
    The authentic bags have padlocks that are decorative only on the SPeedy and Pochette.
    The locks on the Demi Lune and Musette are part of the closure, but still not keyholes and no keys.
  13. makes me so mad