WOW, come to look at this YSL downtown bag for $228

  1. Huh, weird...Someone grab it!
  2. who knows wtf they'll send knowing neiman's!
  3. Um i ordered it.....hope it doesnt get cancelled
  4. I tried to order not available.. I hope you get it!
  5. ^ Ditto! I was looking for codes for free shipping - silly silly me!
  6. I was gonna come out of the ban for that one!
  7. HAHAHAHHA omg i hope I get it! i printed out my information and stuff, and I remember once, office depot had a typo and had to sell like 100 GPS units for 25.00, becuase of a typo!
  8. is NEIMAN...and we know how stupid they bubbles hope you can keep us updated once you receive it!! you can make a really GOOD DEAL!!:tup:
  9. I just noticed - when my order didn't go the error read:

    " Diana Whipstitch Clutch, LUGGAGE"

    ...Bubbles perhaps you should verify your reciept...
  10. nope it says, "medium downtown tote price $228.00" color luggage, In stock" on the receipt.. we'll see in 3 days, I will definitely update one I know anything!
  11. yeah we know the Neiman group has cancelled orders for MUCH LESS!
  12. WOW great deal!!.....good luck, hope it goes through.
  13. we'll I guess we will see, I should definitely be studying for my exams....haha!
  14. But this is much more fun.....I just (hopefully) snagged 2 grysons, a rachel and a tate for $233 and $208 from NM....nothing like your snag though!