Wow Coach sighting overload.

  1. I'm a scrapbooker (that's my other obsession, LOL) and today my friend and I went to an Expo where there was much shopping and classes. Well, every other girl it seemed like (myself included!) had a Coach bag! I was lusting after several Hampton totes and older patchwork styles. One of the vendors even commented on my own bag (Swingpack with large Cs and white leather) and how she had been wanting it.
  2. It seems like everyone these days have a Coach, but I see alot more Dooneys and fake LVs. I still love Coach, though.
  3. I don't know if it makes a snob to think this, but I kind of wish it would go back to when having a Coach was something kinda special. When the 12 year old girls with fake nails and highlights (totally don't mean any disrepect, but there's a TON of them in my area) would have the latest, most expensive Coach, it kind of means they're overexposed. I got interested in Coach when it was still semi-exclusive in my area, but then they opened an outlet about 20 minutes from my house and everybody went Coach crazy.
  4. Yeah, I was at my mall yesterday & mostly every female between the ages of 16 to 40 had one. They're too overexposed!!! Alot are fakes though, I see lots of the fake holiday patchworks w/ one side signature & the other patchwork. Horrible!!! I didn't see but maybe 2 or 3 LVs.
  5. Well, at least I can say this -- I was at the airport nearly all of yesterday and I was the only one with a COACH that I saw, lol.
  6. Just curious ... which airport?? When I was at O'Hare in Chicago it was a Coach explosion.
  7. Yeah, there is Coach explosion down here too. I think that's why I like to buy pieces that are a little different ... whenever I buy something tons of other people have (like my white hampton's hobo), I get bored very quickly and sell it.
  8. I think you said something key...a LOT are fakes. And bad fakes that that! I used to think the LV fakes were horrible...but there's some coach's that are worse now I think.
  9. Totally, I did see some horrible fakes of LVs too, and a bunch of real ones. Dooney is still really big here too.
  10. I agree, Coach is so mainstream...anybody can get their hands on a coach. And it seems to fit into the average citizens budget, so everyone is able to afford it. But half the time most of the Coach bags I see...they are mostly fakes.

    I remember once I was waiting behind this lady at CVS ( which is a local pharmacy) and when the lady pulled out her wallet to pay she had a mini-coin purse that had big G's all over it. People don't usually even care if they are carrying a fake and I find it just sad.
  11. Yeah..I noticed dooney was big when I was living out there. I really struggle when its the jr high, high school age kids with the Coach bags. At least most of them were SMALL probably less than $150...but those parents are teaching their kids the value of money when they are buying them $150 bags!
  12. ^^ Ugh, I know, I work at a private school and have actually sold bags because they were too much like my 7th graders (hamptons hobo, patchwork tote). That was last year, the school I'm at now isn't as bad ... we had open house today and I only saw one scribble hobo and an LV indigo cles (which I wanted, haha), but they were on the high school kids.
  13. Come to Staten Island, NY, and you'll see Coach everywhere. I miss the days when no one even knew what Coach was (and this is only 5 years ago) and when someone got a Coach bag, it was a really big deal. Isabel0329 here its 10 year olds with fake nails and highlights with them!! Its getting ridiculous, especially when there are so many fakes, but I see a lot more LV fakes than Coach and Dooney ones. When I graduated from high school last year, Dooney was the new thing, but I was the first to carry a Dooney, so I guess that makes me special, lol, but I saw all of these freshmen with them, and I was shocked!! The worst was my junior year and I was in a school play and some 8th graders came to see it as a preview, and every single one of them had a Coach bag and I turned to my friend and I said "When we were in the 8th grade, we didn't know what Coach was!", I got my first Coach when I was 15, going on 16!! So yea, I miss the days when Coach wasn't as popular as it is now.
  14. i got my first coach when i was in 7th grade
    and my first dooney in 6th
    but i sold all of them
    and i have fake nails
    but no highlights
    thankgoodness haha
  15. Oh YEAHHHH definitely. I'm from SI too! (Tottenville) It seems like everyone has either Coach and/or fake LV...everywhere....bah!