WOW - Chocolate O/S Muse on BlueFly

  1. OMG, I own this bag, and to me, it is THE quintessential Muse. Someone get it!!!!!
  2. Ok, its already gone, lol. How much was it going for lhasalover???

    Of course, anybody interested should keep checking in on Bluefly periodically today, because somebody else may "release" it from their shopping cart!
  3. they are calling it OS but I think that it is really a large.. bluefly has a habit of labeling their YSL the wrong size..

    Measures 17½'' at widest x 12'' tall at center x 5½'' deep

    thats too small to be an OS right? I think its a large instead
  4. I think it was about $1100.
  5. 1,116.00

    it was available an hour ago someone must have it in the cart again
  6. The Bluefly picture definitely shows an Oversize. You can tell because the bottom leg of the "Y" is longer. (On the Large, the three legs of the "Y" are basically the same length.) But you're right that the Oversize is much taller than 12". So lord knows what you'll get if you order this bag. :rolleyes: $1,395 was the original retail price for the Oversize, I believe.

    And, its available again right now!
    Muse from Bluefly.jpg
  7. With 15% off it would be about $950. That's a good deal since Chocolate is so in this Fall.
  8. hahah its gone again.. either in the cart or someone scooped it up.. but yeah a really good price if it is indeed the OS.. I emailed them three weeks ago when they got in all the muse to ask about how the measurements did not match the pictures/descriptions and to know if the measurements were exact.. they emailed me back that the they were so it would be a bit of a guessing game to see if you get an OS or a large
  9. It's worth a shot because its a good deal. You could always return it if its the wrong size.
  10. It's BAAACK!!