WOW! Check this out at bluefly!

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  1. OMG, how much is it??
  2. Oh I just saw it a minute ago when I searched "chanel" and now it's gone.. it was around 1600 and something I think.
  3. that's just marginally cheaper than retail price i think, if it's the medium in lambskin.
  4. Yeah, it was $1695 or something and bluefly had the retail for $2000 or so....the measurements were approximately 10'' at widest x 6¼'' tall at center x 2½'' deep.
  5. I can't support Bluefly anymore, not w/ their counterfeit history:yucky:
  6. i agree :s

    when i last looked the price on bluefly was US$1675, i know the same size in caviar retails fro US$1595 so i am *guessing* the lambskin RRP would be around US$1695
  7. Yes, I've noticed that bluefly inflates the price of the chanels and then the "markdown" is just a little less than retail.
  8. I just bought a large lambskin flap in black and retail was close to $1800.00 if I remember correctly....
  9. wow i didn't know they were that expensive! wintotty's purple jumbo lamskin was $1860 - is the jumbo only $60 more than the large (by large i mean 10" wide, AO112 same as the one in bluefly)

    if that's the case then the deal on bluefly is cheaper
  10. With bluefly's counterfeit thing in the past, I have troble trusting enough to spend that kind of $$. Now if they had better deals, say 50-60% off I might be a little more forgiving and take a chance b/c I could always return if it was fake :graucho:
  11. yes, the price is not much different from the large to the jumbo....