wow!! celia is a great size!

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  1. So - my dijon celia just arrived and its gorgeous!:heart: I havent owned a 'patchwork' bag yet so thats cool in itself, but the size is what impresses me the most. Its a shoulder bag so its never going to be huge but i can fit all my stuff in fine. And the colour is great - looks great with the gold hardware. :graucho::drool:

    Oh, and it is SOOOO light!:woohoo:

    now my conundrum starts ... i just bought a teal mayfair and really shouldnt have both ... what would you do? Keep both (and sell another bag quick smart) or sell one?

    To be honest i could keep both financially, im just not wanting to have a poor bag laying in the closet when it could be out on the street strutting its stuff! :wlae:
  2. BTW - I got her from this seller high_maint who is also i TPFer and she was great, really kind and even refunded me $6 because the shipping was a bit lower than what she quoted. I thought that was really lovely as most ebayers would have just kept it!
  3. ^ Do you mean the camila, not the celia? Camila was listed by her recently in Dijon. In any case, this bag is adorable! I love the color. Honestly, between the mayfair and camila.... they are totally different bags and I would feel inclined to keep both. LOL.
  4. oh crap!!! i totally meant camila and wrote celia! i dont even know which one celia is off the top of my head ... i dont suppose i can change the title??
  5. Don't worry about it! ;) I'm sure whoever reads it will learn that it's the Camila. Celia is a different bag - quilted and similar to a stam.
  6. oh thats right! celia has that nylon strap thingy instead of the chain.
  7. it sounds like you're subconsciously yearning for the cecilia. :graucho:

  8. lol tadpolenyc! We're a bunch of enablers, aren't we?!??!

    mjlover1977 - being the bag hoarder that I am, I'd probably keep both if I loved both equally. But if you know that the Mayfair will be in the closet, then maybe it is best to get rid of it?
  9. Funny, I was trying to figure out how I had missed seeing a dijon CECILIA! :P
  10. :tup:
    I love this bag
  11. Mj I saw the teal mayfair on Neiman Marcus the other day and the color is BEAUTIFUL!!! You should keep it!!
  12. Haha don't worry.. I mixed up cecilia and camila once too!!:graucho:

  13. hey lovelies - well, i am brought the camila to work today - its great. i havent recieved teal mayfair yet but i have a feeling i will use her more ... im hoping that once i get accepted (see how optimistic i am!) to the MP i can sell her there.

    and you know what? cecilia is gorgeous! didnt she have that strap though? i didnt love that strap but am assuming you could take it off?