WOW: boobie in APPLE GREEN - BIN $299 :-)

  1. I want this so badly!! :drool: Have emailed the seller to see if they will ship to the UK.....

  2. Ohhhh .... good luck HandbagAddict..... :flowers: - crossing fingers it works ;) :yes:
  3. Thanks firstclass!! ;) I just hope the "boobie" has a new home with a PFer!:yes:
  4. Ohhhhhhh the seller already increased the price :wtf: !!??
  5. yeppers, i noticed that too, she raised it from $299 to $350 :push:
  6. I hate that. I don't bid when that happens, because it ticks me off. Last week, I asked a question about a Burberry travel bag that was sitting at $150 with no bids. The seller immediately changed the opening price to $450. I may be wrong, but I felt like he thought he had a buyer on the hook and pulled a bait and switch.
  7. i did that once, only because i entered the wrong BIN by accident (forgot to add in the sales tax) :angel:...but i only raised it to the original retail price & had a BO option :heart:
  8. FRUSTRATING! My daughter wanted it and the price went from $299 to $350! I was gonna do BIN. I dont think she wants it now....:wtf:
  9. Its gone. Someone did BIN, did you get it handbagaddict?
  10. This was my listing.....i made a mistake and forgot to increase the price

    BUT, considering retail was $280. plus tax, I think $350. w/ free shipping is a very reasonable price to ask.

    Anyhow it is sold, thank you to the buyer.:smile:
  11. I'm glad you were able to sell it so fast! I have an apple green one and its so pretty.
  12. wow, i didn't know they were so expensive, that's very fair indeed :tender:...and i know what you mean about forgetting the tax...that can add an extra $50-$100 to the purchase price ;)
  13. Aww it's gone..........:sad: It wasn't me, but I hope a Pfer got it??:yes: