Wow! Beautiful Snow Dome!

  1. Hello,

    I do not post often but I do visit this forum from time to time :P

    Don't know whether somebody has posted this before? I found this snow dome from Louis Vuitton on eBay!! It is so amazing! My eyes were almost crossed when I was trying to look at the details inside of the dome:yes:

    eBay: AUTH LOUIS VUITTON LTD EDITION SNOWGLOBE SNOW DOME RARE (item 110060521272 end time Dec-02-06 08:02:39 PST)

    So this is the snow dome that I have love at first sight! Please have a look and tell me what do you think? Still struggling, bid or not bid :love:

  2.'s very sad that only Paris store carry it..

    Some lucky ladies in this forum have it already..
  3. The website has it under the VIP specials. It's cool but I would rather spend the $700 on an actual LV purse!
  4. Do u know if its still available at Paris boutique? is it a permanent item? TIA
  5. So jealous :P ! The sad thing is, it was sold out like tornado at Paris 's store as it is limited edition .

    However, this bid was ended at $500! I will have to keep my eyes open in case there will be another one on eBay:yes:
  6. It is such a beautiful piece, i would love to have it myself.