Wow! BalNY sent me cookies!! As a TY for waiting for LE Magenta!

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  1. I just have to let you know about the pleasant surprise that the UPS man left at my door. No it was not my LE Magenta with SGH ... that will be here tomorrow! A box of cookies and a handwritten thank you note from Balenciaga for being so patient with the Magenta delivery. I was in total shock! That was so nice and so unexpected! I am sure that this wait was not much fun for them either ... and we are all happy that it is over! YEAH BalNY! And ... thanks for the cookies!
    DSCN2429.JPG DSCN2427.JPG
  2. :nogood:How very sweet of them! I have to say that I have had nothing but good experiences with BalNY. They have always been very nice and helpful. Enjoy your cookies!
  3. I got my GSH Magenta today but no cookies for me :mad:
  4. I wish I had my bag today!
  5. What ? They sent you cookies....Hmmm...I didn't get anything but again I got my bag last week....I wish I also get some cookies....:p:nuts:
  6. That's so *sweet*!!! Not really, what a nice gesture! All SA should be like your's. Are they really good??? Tell us!!!
  7. seriously???
    wow! that's really nice of them!! :tup::tup:

    hopefully i'll get some too. :graucho: they sent my bag to a different country by mistake.... :/
  8. Wow, this is very thoughtful. :tup:

    Despite the overlong wait for Magenta, my experiences with them were very pleasant and everyone has been very friendly to me.
  9. Totally Cool...:supacool: It's the unexpected acknowledgement factor that makes it so sincere... YEAH!
  10. Wow no cookies fro me either! ; ( I love my bag but cookies would have been great! It's super CS demonstration!
  11. Very nice.
  12. Oh wow...that's so sweet & thoughtful way of sincere apology for your long awaited bag.
  13. wow, how sweet of them! do they taste good? :p
  14. That's so nice of them. I didn't get cookies either, but they get points from me just because I know they sent them to someone! Do you buy from them a lot? Trying to figure out if they sent them to you bc you're a regular?
  15. Wow! What kind are they? Choc chip? Oatmeal?