Wow ... Balenciaga Leather Says Soft in -40 Celcius Windchill Weather!

  1. Even though it was going to be freakin' cold today (-30 celcius with -40 windchill), I thought I'd use my Ink City. I was surprised that even though it was FREEZING that the leather stayed soft! I've had so many bags that get so stiff in cold weather, I was surprised how soft the BBag stayed. I think that just goes to show what awesome leather these bags have!

    Just thought I'd pass along that silly little tidbit! :smile:

    Anyway, hopefully the rest of you never have to experience -30 celcius, but if you ever do ... don't be afraid to use your BBag!
  2. Yay! MEE too! haha~~ it's been frigid here and wow- my bbags are troopers! Soft and never a crack!
  3. Good to know ... when it gets that cold, I usually go back to my nice no-name bags so I don't have to worry about the snow getting it wet.
  4. amazing!!!
  5. I'm from calgary too!! my bag was ok outside too :biggrin: i am careful not to get snow on it though.
  6. -40c and carrying your bbags :nuts: They build you girls tough up there. Don't tell me you had a dress and designer heels as well :p

  7. haha I was sooo bundled up today. I wore my 'sleeping bag' jacket, gloves, scarf, turtleneck and snow boots!
  8. :lol: Nope, it was scarves, a hat, my thickest winter jacket and Uggs for me! Thank goodness this extreme cold snap is only going to last two more days!
  9. I read the title and thought CALGARY!!!!

    It was -49C with windchill when I went out with my Bal this morning at 8am to drop off the kids at school!!

    That's -56F for Americans!!!!

    And no, it's not normally this cold! It's a freak occurence!
  10. My friends can attest to this....

    If it is snowing or raining out, I will carry my bbag in my (mittened, so it doesn't get any hand oil stains) hand with one hand, and hold the umbrella over it with the other. Or just as obsessively, I will put it under my jacket and hug it against me.

    Nothing can keep my bbag away from me, not even wet weather.
  11. Yay!!!Bbags :rochard:!!!!