Wow, bad luck with handbag buyers on eBay lately!

  1. Sorry, this is pretty long but I have to share ...

    I've been buying and selling on eBay since 1999, and I have to say that people are getting harder and harder to work with these days! I have been paring down my handbag collection to make room for new and I have had so many troublesome buyers. More so now than ever before. Usually I only run into problems right before the holidays (that's when I have the most non-paying bidders) but it's really bad right now. Here's what I've had to deal with in the last 2 weeks:

    1. I was completely insulted by a "buy it now" offer from a potential bidder for my Fendi medium sized B Bag. She offered me $200! I wrote her back and asked her to kindly not insult me. Finally, I got a legit buyer who paid $800, but I still took a pretty big loss on that one.

    2. I have a zero feedback buyer, who won my $100 Fendi baguette, and who has never responded. She was the only bidder so I can't offer it to anyone else.

    3. After the auction ended for my $199 green Luella Bartley, someone emailed me and asked if I would accept $150. I said sure. Then she asked if I would wait a week so she could bid on another one of my bags. I reluctantly said OK. Not only did she not bid on the other bag like she said she would, but she wanted to drop the price for the green bag another $25. I said no, we agreed to $150. No response from her. I sent her an invoice but I doubt she'll pay.

    4. Last night I sold an LV Speedy. I received this email from the buyer after the auction ended:

    I can pick up the bag from you place sometime next weekend. How about you withdraw from eBay, and give me a better price? I can pay you cash in person. That way you can save shipping, eBay charge and Paypal charge. I mean you can just pass the saving to both of us. Since we are so close by, I really don't want to pay so much to them. Hope you can consider. Thank you very much.

    Umm ... hello, the auction ended! I cannot withdraw the auction nor am I going to give you a cheaper price! You pay what you bid! It's already less than the retail price that she would pay in the boutique! So now she wants me to wait another week for the money plus she wants a better deal? I emailed her politely back and said no, you have to pay the price you bid and I cannot withdraw the auction because it ended.

    What is up with people these days? Usually I have little or no drama on eBay. Now it all hits at once!
  2. I think....

    Some people think its like shopping in another country where you can bargain with the sellers at the local market. LOL Seller says $20...Buyer says $10...Seller says $15....SOLD! LOL!!

    Some people are just scammers. And know that there will be some sucker seller/buyer out there that they can take advantage of. Seems like that is the majority of the issues on eBay now.

    Some people are just dumb and have no clue as to what they are doing on eBay.
  3. Just do yourself a favor, and have less headache for yourself and just post "immediate payment required" on your auctions. Obviously, they wouldn't be "auctions" but rather just plain buy-it-now-prices, but list what you think is fair. If you have to wait for awhile, that's okay - at least you have someone that pays immediately if they want the bag. No ifs ands or buts. I got tired of buyers not paying.....:sad:
  4. You should give those people the same response as I give to people who wander into my salon off the street, ask for the price of a haircut and then say that it's too much and they should get it for cheaper......I always respond, "Does this look like Tijuana to you?"

  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    obviously you saw my comment above about foreign country bargain shopping
    :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    OT: my brother is a hairdesser in a very upscale salon in WDC and has had the same experiences. I will have to tell him "your line"
  6. yikes. that is some bad luck. i'm sorry about your bad batch of buyers. it seems like they come in waves. but the good ones are out there! i promise!
  7. I've started having similar problems, too.

    The latest is that someone hacked into another member's account to use the BIN I had on an LV item.

    Why is this getting worse? I don't understand ... I take my ebaying VERY seriously. I'm addicted.
  8. lori...those all sound like buyers from hell :shocked: ebay is just too scary of a place, nowadays... :yucky:
  9. I'm sorry this happened to you, Lorihmatthews... I recognize you from this forum and I know you're very nice person.

    For your nasty buyer, if she won't pay for that amount, then why bother to place bid?? Don't let her does it to you!

    I predict when you meet-up, she'll ask you for further reduce and reduce and reduce like she'll cut seller's neck!
  10. So, she want you sell your auth Luella for $125?? It's price for FAKE! Don't do it, Lorih. Since she's clicked BIN, just give her unpaid item strike if she doesn't pay you.

    OMG, I hate ppl like them! Why they can help seller to make smooth transaction??
  11. You are right it seems to get worse...I have my share of trouble with an extremely impatient buyer right now. I just don't get it how people can lack so much common sens or be so rude. I don't get back to ridicioulous offers just a waste of time in my mind.
    I need to sell another bag to catch up with my spending
    but then i will take a break from ebay. i much rather buy then sell!
  12. Aw Lori that is a really rubbish string of luck with your buyers. I would certainly not entertain the idea proposed by the last charmer who wants to skip Ebay, but only thought to mention that when he/she had completed a transaction on Ebay. Maybe time for an Ebay break? When I had a series of horrid encounters, I stepped back for a couple of months and regrouped. Felt much better for it.
  13. Well, thankfully I relisted the Luella, and at the starting price of $200, I can accept that. Would you believe the person who wanted to only give me $125 actually called me at home last night, begging for me to sell it to her because 1. she's a student, 2. she's on a fixed budget, and 3. she wants to take it on a trip? I've heard all those excuses before! I told her no once more, if she wants it she's going to have to beat the $200 starting bid I have on the item right now.

    The LV Speedy has been relisted and I think that it will sell too. I guess sometimes you just have to take the good with the bad!
  14. people are dumb.
  15. can I find you on ebay? I would like to look at your collection. Those are real horror stories. I'm a buyer not a seller on ebay....and I have NEVER treated anyone in that manner. Who are these rude people? Anyway...good luck. If I do buy anything from you...I PROMISE you will NOT have those types of problems. I wanna take a look at that LV Speedy.