Wow ! Ashley Judd

  1. She has bared her A-list soul to Glamour, tell the women's mag that she underwent a 47day stint in a Texas treatment center in February to overcome a host of emotional problems. 'I needed help', she says in the magazine's August issue and excerpted by USA Today. 'I was in so much pain. Judd says she completed nearly two months of treatment to come to terms with her history of depression, isolation and codependent relationships.

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  2. Really...she always came across as the strong Judd!
  3. Good she received help!
  4. It's a great treatment center.
  5. I think it shows tremendous strength to recognize you need help, and to actually get it. The fact that she was open and candid about her situation impresses me even more. Glad that she got the help she needed!
  6. Good for her. I like her even more now.
  7. I liked her because of how she portrayed her herself. Now...with this confession, it makes me realize that "nothing is like what it seems"

    Like the time Brandy was suffering from anoxeria/bulimia(later confessed), I was like...she used to be fat, now she looked did she do it?
  8. I would say she always seemed like the "stoic" judd like she was the one to hold her emotions in (as opposed to naomi and wynonna) She is so beautiful but she did have a sad vibe...I love her and am glad she feels better!
  9. Wow, I don't believe it.It's weird cause I always thought of her as the stronger Judd.I guess having a mom and sister famous and basically never there while you try to make yourself as successful can be rough.I hope she's doing better now.:heart:
  10. What a story! Good for her for getting help. She is a straight shooter IMO with all the articles I've read (now can't wait to see this one!), very strong and hat is off!
  11. Goes to show that you never know what's going on inside of another person. The outside can sometimes be a great coverup.
  12. i didn't think that she had any kinda problem until i saw her news on ET. i thought that she had it all. well, i suppose that she is doing much better to tell her story.
  13. I love her and hope she'll continue to do great. It's a universal lesson, don't judge a book by its cover. She is young, beautiful, smart, and seemed to have it all, but suffered from depression, who would've thought???? Good luck to her.
  14. I hope she is doing much better now, I love Ashley Judd! Shes been one of my favorite actresses for a long time now.

    I take it shes no longer with that racer guy she was dating and they were supposedly crazy for each other?
  15. I think they are still married...Dario somebody?...