Wow, aren't the Koobas taking off!!

  1. It was my quest to find out if the Kooba Sienna I had purchased on eBay last year was authentic (it turned out to be a fake) that brought me to Tpf. When doing a search then, there were a few threads, but the interest didn't seem huge...Now, 6 months later there seems to be several new threads about this brand every day. I'm not complaining, love Koobas:heart:, just an observation...
  2. Loving the Kooba threads here!!
    Chloe brought me to the forum originally, but I was pleasantly surprised to find a Kooba cult too!! ; - )
  3. Kooba was one of my first bag splurges in recent history, and I do love my Sienna in desert. In fact, I am getting my 2nd, a dark brown clutch, as we speak!! I love coach, fendi, lv, but kooba always has a special place in my bag ho heart too ;)
  4. I LOVE Koobas!!!!!
  5. I want to fondle all of them! :blush:
  6. They're beautifully made, great looking bags and they don't require a second mortgage to finance them.

    What's not to love? :smile:
  7. Ditto this!` :yes:
  8. Well said larsue! That's what I love about this forum- I originally found it by looking up info on Louis Vuitton but now I'm learning all about other kinds of bags I never knew about before. I can appreciate lots of different brands and styles instead of being so narrow-mindedly LV obsessed :shame:
  9. Glad ya'll agree! Another thing I love about Kooba is that I don't see them all over the place. It bugs me to see someone else carrying my bag (weird maybe, but that's how I am) around town. I like to be unique. :p

    My town is full of what I call "Coach Clones".

    Kooba rules!
  10. everyone should go vote for the Kooba Subforum. i'd totally be there.
  11. I can tell you that my original obsession was with the Fendi Spy. I lurked in that forum for quite a while, drooling all over the place. But I found, in all reality, that my true love is the Kooba, and I will not rest until I buy that one gorgeous Jillian. There area three of them lurking out there calling my name all the way from Naples to Sarasota. I just have to be patient with my darned purse ban!!!
  12. I came here last August to learn a little more about Siennas (eBay was so thick with fakes then!), and tPF helped me purchase my first Kooba. :heart:

    It is definitely amazing how the Kooba Kingdom has grown since I first started coming here!
  13. While I enjoy other handbags too my eye always returns to the Kooba leather. And I find there are more styles of Koobas that I would carry.

    Someday, I too, shall own a Jillian. I just cannot decide what color. Decisions, decisions.
  14. I also stumbled onto TPF when I was frenzied to get my hand on a Kooba bag on eBay. Honestly, when I arrived here, I was clueless as to fakes, and "inspired by" bags - I had no idea the difference and what the implications were - and boy, did I hear from the TPF ladies about it!!!

    Thankfully, TPF got me dialed in to the inner workings of handbag culture and I've never looked back. I own about 4 Koobas - and even a couple bought on ebay from reputable sellers. As well, I've learned so much from the forum about other bags I might never have known about. But I'm very thankful that my interest in Kooba brought me here...which brings me to my plea:

    PLEASE OH PLEASE - GIVE US A KOOBA FORUM MEGS AND VLAD! :woohoo::biggrin::woohoo:
  15. Kooba lead me to tPF as well!

    And yessss... Kooba forum! This forum is getting overwhelmed by Kooba threads! :smile: