WOW.., and a few questions about cement

  1. :yahoo: I just got my first B bag, it is a Black City. Now, I am not a novice, though my collection is modest, I do know a few things about bags. I fell in love with the City the moment I laid eyes on it, however what has amazed me is the functionality of it.

    It is simply THE BEST bag I have ever owned or carried. I could go on and on, as you are all aware, but probably not necessary. I simply cannot believe how easy it is to use, carry and own. I am addicted.

    Which brings me to some questions. I now want to get a "light" neutral color for the warmer months. Should I try a cement one, or should I wait for the new colors to come out? When do the new colors come out btw? Does the cement color go with lots of other colors?

    Please help me decide:girlsigh:
  2. I love the cement! I think it's a great neutral, though I have heard mixed reviews about this color from others. I saw the most beautiful cement city at SF Neimans. It had thick gorgeous leather and if it wasn't such a light color that I would quickly ruin, it would be mine. Based on Murawski's SF Neimans thread it looks like the bag might still be there, unless they sold it and put out a new one.

    Here's a link to a thread from several weeks back where l_b posted pics of her new cement (greige) city bag. Her pics are a pretty true representation of the actual color (at least on my monitor) and they make me want this bag all over again.
  3. get it! the greige is GORGEOUS in real life.
  4. I was really blown away by the greige, it was so three dimensional in color - with so much depth, the leather I saw was very nice too - get the greige! ;)
  5. i saw the greige/cement in real life. it's a really interesting neutral.

    my favorite light color though is calcaire, but that will probably be hard to find.
  6. btw, Barneys in beverly hills has quite a few greige/cements in all different sizes. i didn't look at them closely though.
  7. Is the cement the same color as the gris fonce or is it a lighter version of grey?
  8. orchids, the gris fonce/grey is different from cement/greige.

    cement greige has some beigy undertones mixed in with grey, while the gris fonce is straight light grey.
  9. Oooh, yes! The Cement sounds like a great choice for you! Definitely check out l_b's gorgeous pics!:love:
  10. Oh dear. I think I might have to have this color. :wtf:
  11. I am currently obsessed with multi-dimensional colors, and if I had the funds I would have a cement first in a heartbeat.
  12. I'm a fan of the griege as well. I think it's a pertty colour and versatile too.
  13. I seem to be in the minority, but opinions are being asked for, so I will voice mine.
    I didn't like the Greige in the swatches, I *really* liked the Greige after seeing l_b's pictures. On my monitor it's a creamy beige, no real grey to speak of. I thought, "Oh, that will go so well with browns, greens, blues!" My Saks had it and it looked like a light grey, again I thought, "Oh, versatile - wear with blues, greens, greys", so I went to get it. I wore a light grey t-shirt and brought a mid blue one with me. Basically I couldn't get it to match anything. Too beige for the grey and blue, too grey for the brown, so basically it would go with black. In fairness I don't wear very bright colours, no red, yellows, oranges (except very deep, burnt ones) so maybe it would go with those, but I dont' think so. So for me, I don't want to spend 1K for a bag that goes with black. I left with the S/S 06 Grey which *does* go with blues, greens, greys, deep oranges and black.

    If anyone has pictures wearing the Greige with colours, I'd love to see them, but again, monitors tend to not show true colours, and if you have tried to photograph a Balenciaga, that can hard to get a true tone as well.

    I wish you well with your decision!