wow..agressive TPF'rs

  1. Okay, so the other day I posted information on the classic red tote and the gold flap and how my SA was able to sell them to me at the pre increased prices..well, without properly thinking it through I offered her information to whomever PMd me. Well, i recieved well over 50 Pms in the last few days requesting her information and this morning my SA calls me and sounded very dissapointed. She says that alot of the gals who called her harassed her into giving them the pre increased price on the flap and the tote and that she apologizes but she cannot get approval from her manager any longer. She said that she is more then willing to help locate these bags, but isnt willing to risk her job by getting her buyers to override the price to the pre increase price. Only two people were able to get the gold flap at the $1750.00 price. I am sorry to everyone else who was not able to get this price as I know there was alot of interest, but PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE TO CALL HER AND HARASS HER. I almost feel guilty that she sold me the bag at the $1750.00 price beacause she mentioned to me that I was a good customer and that is why she went out of her way to sell to me at this price. Please do not continue to PM me about this matter any longer, I am very sorry that she was not able to help you :sad:

    on a brighter note, one of my other SA's does have a black lambskin with new chain at $1850.00. Its at the old price, there is one left. If you need her info, leave me a message..NO pms please!!!
  2. aaw, i'm so sorry for what happen to you :sad:
  3. uh oh...i'm sorry that happened to you! Sounds like a mess.
  4. Sorry...guess you knew about a bag lots of people were interested in.
  5. Ugh! So sorry that happened to you! That's exactly why I really want to share the name of my great SA, but hesitate because you never know who is reading here and if you refer someone crazy or pushy it reflects on you.

    So sorry your generosity was rewarded this way.
  6. Its ok! I actually had great conversations with alot of the girls via PM and was able to help a few of them locate bags unlrelated to the two mentioned above. It just sucks that she was being "bullied" into getting bags at pre increased prices...LOL...they are just bags for god sakes!! :d
  7. how does the saying go? "no good deed goes unpunished." Sorry you had to go through that!
  8. sorry this has happened ...i would worry that after this she wouldn't keep in mind for these perks
  9. Awww...what a shame. You were only trying to help.
    Sorry about your nice SA getting harassed.
    Guess everyone went a bit nutty and rightly so.
    It was great of you though to try and pass on the bargain even if she couldn't accomodate everyone.
  10. You're such a was so nice of you to offer your help! Sorry it worked out this way...hope your SA doesn't get into trouble! She sounds like a great SA!! :nuts: :yes:
  11. wow, it's tPF feeding frenzy! I'd rather be in a tank full of pirahnas personally! :p ;)
  12. ITA! :roflmfao: How nuts!!!!
  13. That's exactly what I was thinking! Oh well, you'll know better for next time. :sad:
  14. Sorry this happened. I know something similiar has gone on in the Hermes forum. It's too bad some of us are willing to forget good manners and common decency for a handbag!
  15. was very nice of you to help the fellow pfer's out. :flowers: sorry things got a bit out of hand. hope all is well between you and your SA--she seems terrific!:yes: