Wow - A Tano Was Copied By Begeren! "-)

  1. I so surprised to come across this Tano Bag from a couple of seasons ago and then thought "OMG - that's my Begeren!" That's funny!:graucho: Do you guys like it in silver????
    TAN9901SILVER.jpg BegerenBlue.jpg
  2. Here's a close up of the Tano. Do you like it???:p
  3. Hmm...I don't know if it's a copy or just a style that is used from time to time.
    I bought a purse from Sigrid Olsen a year ago that is quite similar. It's hard to tell, but when it opens it really does look alike!
  4. i like the Begeren better!

  5. I do too! That marine colour is gorgeous as well!!! :drool:
  6. I agree, I dont think its a copy so much as its jus a very similar style.....
  7. I like the begeren one more, i am actually waiting for mine to arrive.........
  8. agree.. I had a Donald Pliner tote this shape & a Banana Republic Triangle bag that looked similar.
  9. Okay okay - not "copied" was a wrong choice of words...I love Linda @ Begeren - she's not a cheeseball...I was just saying that I was shocked to come across this Tano and I was like "gosh! That's really similar to my Moorea!" :yahoo: No offenses ladies - love you!!!!:rolleyes: :heart:

  10. Absolutely none taken. I knew what you meant! :yes:
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  12. Nah - I actually saw this Tano on sale on eBay a few weeks ago and they look really different - imo

    But it is interesting - i do see some similarities - so the best i can say is that they are similar!

    But both are still nice!