WOW! A Gucci MahJong Set??

  1. I was browsing the Gucci site, and I found this!
    This is so cool!!!
    I :heart: MJ :smile::heart:

  2. Love that!

    I've been playing Mah Jong for a few years with three of my friends. We play once a month at a local cafe.
  3. That is so cool! Did you happen so to get a price for that? It would make such a great present! Thanks for the find Vonnielicious.
  4. i have no idea on how to play MJ but that is really really pretty!
  5. i used to play as a kid with my parents. this is cool!
  6. Thanks for the link, I wanna go to Hong Kong to look for it now. haha
  7. Very cool, would be a great Collector's item! I wonder if "Gucci" is written on the back of the MJ pieces... ?
  8. what a great gift idea!
  9. One thing that bothers me about the set is how there are Roman numerals in the corner, and words for the non-numbered tiles. Otherwise, it's a very lovely set.
  10. Very addictive game. Love playing mahjong. I wonder how much
  11. wowow...:tup:
  12. lol! no way! i've been wanting a set too!
  13. My mom would go crazy if I ever get that for her...haha I love the box